Pinterest Challenge – Cookie Butter Cookies

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As a Pinterest junkie, I started this challenge a while back to make myself do more pins. Then life went berzerker and I ran out of time for anything. With my new job settling down, I decided to dive back in. Luckily my first challenge was actually done a while ago, so I’ll be doing this partly from memory, but at least I was prepared. ;)

PinterestcookiebuttercookiesFor this challenge I settled on this pin, Softbatch Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies, by Averie Cooks (I have pinned a TON of cookies from this site in all honesty…these just happened to be the first I chose.)

I’m not going to post the recipe, because it’s not mine, but you can do directly to it HERE.

I had to make some modifications, not in the ingredients, but in the size. The recipe calls for a 2Tbs cookie scoop, I only had a 1Tbs scoop.  So I followed the same directions, but cooked for less time (5 minutes, I believe).

The cookies came out perfect, just like pictured on the site. They were fluffy and soft and a rich brown in color. The smell was incredible.

I didn’t even wait for them to cool down before I dove in for the first taste.

14376172527_c347d09d22_zEverything promised by Averie was spot on. Light, soft, flavorful.  They were so good I didn’t want to share…

But alas, I have a sixteen year old that found them just as good as I did.

Oh, and a husband that likes to find my “hidden” treats…

And so they were gone way too fast.

So clearly, the final verdict on this pin was a YAY! I plan on making these again–after I get through the full list of cookies on the Averie Cooks site. I’m sure you’ll see a few more of these in the pinterest challenges.

Again, the recipe isn’t mine, go visit Averie Cooks to get it. You will not regret it.

by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.

My Sweet Addiction

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I have an addiction.

I freely admit it.

On a regular basis.

I know I should quit.

I’ve come close so very many times.

But always it calls me back.

MySweetAddictionFountain pop.

Specifically, Dr. Pepper.

I get 1…2…sometimes 3 a day.

When I have will power, I can back off to one a day.

But stopping hasn’t happened…

I blame it on my old allergies.

And current allergies.

Being forced to drink juice and/or Kool-aid all the time every day for years even to the point of eating my rice krispies with orange juice in place of milk–well, it makes you pretty much hate any and all juice and never want to drink it.

And then you can’t drink milk because of an allergy (to the protein, no-I’m not lactose intolerant, thank you…it’s an allergy)…

Your options are slim.

And I’m  not a water girl.

(Although the husband is a water boy – even works for a water filtration/softener company)

So there is pop.

One day I will quit.

One day.

But not today.

~sips her pop as she hits publish~


by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.

Top Ten Tuesday – Retro Toys

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Top 10 Retro ToysI guess you could say this list was a long time coming.

I’m often stuck in the past, reminiscing about how things were. It helps that a lot of my old toys are still around the ‘rents house, some were even used by my kids.

This time around I’m going with toys I actually owned & used myself. There were a fair amount I would have killed for (like My Little Pony’s) that I never got (and now lavish on my girls…seriously, they have SO MANY PONIES).

Anyway, onto that magic list of 10 Retro Toys I owned & adored.

  1. Waterful Ring Toss. Yes, I know it’s horribly cheesy and simple, but I adored this game. I played it all the time at our cottage on lake Erie. Actually, we had two, but this is the one I remember clearly. The other was more of a maze. :)
  2. The Tupperware playset. My aunt sold Tupperware and our house was filled with the stuff. I didn’t just have this playset (which I used in my Holly Hobby kitchen, thank you very much), I had  the miniature cake holder (which I used with my easy bake oven, yes sir, I did).
  3. PUFFALUMP!!  My uncle worked for Fisher Price (talk about JACKPOT), so probably 85% of our toys were Fisher Price.  I’ll admit to getting this gorgeous purple kitty before they were in stores (which was a rare treat…usually it was just at holidays/birthdays). I loved it almost as much as #4 here…
  4. Cabbage Patch Dolls, of course. That one there was my first, and her name is Daisy and I still have her. The other 5 are gone now, but Daisy was my girl. The first. And she came with a story. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was begging for Cabbage Patch dolls, but all of the stores were sold out in Buffalo. Well, we happened to go on a hockey tournament to Toronto. Everyone was chilling in the hotel when one parent rushed in and hollered down the hall “They have Cabbage Patch at the Toys R Us!!”  Mass exodus occured. ALL of the parents rushed from the hotel to go to the conveniently located toy store across the street to buy. And so Daisy showed up in her big yellow box in a hotel room in Toronto and I will never forget my excitement in that moment.
  5. The Fisher Price doctor kit. I used this constantly. The syringe that looked like it filled and emptied by turning the knob. The stethoscope that you could actually heard your heartbeat with. Seriously, the pain wore off the crap we played with it so much.
  6. Merlin. Does anyone else remember this? I had that exact version with just the spots that light up, not numbers. It kept me occupied for hours.
  7. Spirograph. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Lite Brite, of course. Didn’t we all have and love this one?
  9. The Millennium Falcon. This sucker is still parked in my parents garage. The sounds haven’t worked in years…but I remember every inch of the thing, and playing with it all the time.
  10. ATARI. Seriously. That is all. (Fav game – Pitfall, of course)

And that is it for this list. I’ll revisit retro toys and the giant wish list I had once upon a time.  Of course, in this list I didn’t touch on my Barbie’s which were as dear to me as any of these toys…but they were as much present in my worls as my girls Barbie’s and Monster High Dolls!!

Speaking of which…next week I cover my favorite Monster High Dolls…(Hint-hint…Christmas is coming ;) & I hold no shame about liking these as much as my girls and wanting some that are MINE, not theirs.)


by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.