Sex Chatting Third Graders – A Cautionary Tale

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Imagine this.

You’re a vigilant parent.

You restrict your kids access to electronics.

You allow them one. One device.

A kindle. A kindle for kids. You know, with all the protection? Restricted programs. Nothing suspicious there.

You check to see what programs they’ve downloaded.

Everything is above the board.

Everything is safe.

Until it isn’t.

Until you go into one of those programs and find something crazy.

Chat rooms.

Chat rooms where kids, young kids, are having conversations.

Sexting-type conversations.

Talking about taking off their clothes.

I’m talking 3rd graders.

Read that again…slowly.


Eight year olds.

Talking about taking off each others clothes.

Then you start to think about who else might be in there.

Facilitating these conversations.


And it’s a scary, scary thing.

Keep a close eye on where your kids are spending your time.

Me? I turned off the ability for my kids to chat.

I learned my lesson with my first kid, and hope to keep  on my toes with the girls.

What steps are you taking?

The Artist

I have never had any talent in drawing. I can sing, dance, and write…but the minute I pick up something with which to do art, you’d think I didn’t have a creative bone in my body.

So imagine my surprise when one day, Kennedy brought these two pictures to me:

I was blown away, and a little jealous.  Since them, Kennedy has more than proved her mettle. Her shading skills are natural born – no training.  She continues to wow us time and again…but why am I talking? I’ll just show her off…


by Sarah Cass

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Redefining Perfect every day.

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