I Can Drive! – Disney, Universal, and Make A Wish

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For a few years now, Molly has insisted from her back-seated position that she can drive. There is no doubt, no quiver, no way to dispute her surety that she can drive. She’s ready to beat Denver to the punch (although he’s just finally signed up for Driver’s Ed, so she won’t).

So imagine her consummate joy when partway through Tomorrowland she discovered there were CARS she could DRIVE!!!

Oh my heavens, we absolutely HAD to go and do it.

010And go we did.

Molly wasn’t too far off. She can drive. Yes, there were rails to follow which surely helped her out some, but overall she was a pro.

She was so happy, so thrilled, to be driving.

When we got out on that road she would have been happy had it never ended.

And so would have I.

The joy on her face was incomparable.


And no one dares tell her she can’t drive anymore (well, except for that legal issues of age).

by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.

Wordy Wednesday – Welcome to Lake Point

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Old-fashioned Main StreetMy Holidays in Lake Point series is set in the quaint small town of Lake Point, NY – located right outside of Rochester. The town is small, but not overly so. Everyone seems to know everyone, and the holidays are always filled with romance.

The series started as a standalone, one book written for a holiday submission call.

By the time I’d finished writing Alan and Ivy’s story I was hooked. At the end of this year the town will have 13 lovely little stories set in it. Tales of love lost, found, avoided and gained.

In Lake Point you’ll find such delights as a thoroughbred horse farm, a restaurant simply called “The Diner” run by the ever-wise and motherly Myrtle. An auto shop run by the genius cowboy, Clay Rylee; as well as a motorcycle shop run by the pink-haired Autumn Trask. A fun restaurant called “The Midway” that serves only fair-themed foods and candies – where you can play skee ball and balloon darts for prizes – run by Michaela O’Keefe and her sexy assistant manager and boyfriend, Tag. There’s a Witch House, a dance studio, and a beach on the lake.

There are so many other wonderful places to discover, but i want you to meet some of the people there and their stories. We’ll start at the beginning – and it may be a few posts before you meet them all.


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Alan Richards returns to Lake Point for the holidays, counting the minutes until he can accomplish the dreaded goal of dealing with his aging parents and get back to the city. Finding his former soul mate living in the town they left together and swore they’d never return to tosses his ordered plans right on their head.

Ivy Nowell has never looked back since she left the city and her ballet career to raise her daughter in Lake Point. Alan’s homecoming dredges up old hurts and the love she never quite let go, but he hasn’t changed, with his relentless commitment to goals that differ completely from hers.

The attraction and instant understanding between them lingers, but neither are who they used to be. Alan wants to give it a chance, but Ivy is worried he’ll change his mind and won’t risk hurting her daughter.

It’ll take Santa and all his magic to keep them from walking away from each other again, maybe for forever this time.

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Michaela O’Keefe is in over her head with her restaurant, The Midway.  Her ad for an assistant manager brings Owen “Tag” Montague to her doorstep. With an impeccable resume and dozens of letters of recommendation, she has little choice but to give him a chance. Ten years her junior, Tag sets her long-dead libido humming, but she gave up on love and her instincts on men years ago.

Tag has had a crush on his new boss since his youth, but he’s determined to prove he can do the job. Still, he can’t resist the urge to make her blush down to her toes as often as possible. He knows her rough past in life and love makes it hard to trust, and he’s wary of crossing the line he so desperately wants to.

Just when they manage to figure out how to work and play together, Michaela’s ex does all he can to destroy their budding love. When push comes to shove Michaela’s inability to give Tag the benefit of the doubt might destroy everything.

Learning to trust herself again is the hardest lesson Michaela will ever have to learn – and by the time she does, it may be too late for love.


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Regan Croft is running as far away as she can get from her past when her car dies outside of Lake Point. While she’d said she’d stop wherever her car died and start a new life, she isn’t so prepared when it finally happens. Starting over isn’t so easy, especially with a sexy cowboy trying to learn all he can about her.

Clay Ryley doesn’t know what to think of the beautiful young woman he rescues from the side of the road, all he knows is she makes him interested in dating again after a painful break up years ago. Unfortunately, every bit of his effort to get close to her is thwarted by her fear of her own past. He wants to help her, and love her, but she makes it difficult for him.

When Regan’s past comes back to haunt her, she could lose everything. When the cards are on the table, Clay has to figure out if he’s willing to listen, or walk away. If he makes the wrong choice, Regan will lose not only her newfound independence, she’ll lose her last hope for love.

by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (No, Really)

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We’ve all seen the TV show, seen the urban-legend like tales of women that didn’t know they were pregnant. Most of us, especially those that have been pregnant, all say “No way. But, how?”

I sure felt that way for years. I mean, with Denver I had symptoms before I knew. With Molly, I didn’t really have symptoms before I knew, but after a couple of weeks it hit me. In my first pregnancy I got huge, there was no denying something was going on. With my second, the distinct basketball at my waistline was a rather clear clue.

I sure never thought anyone could miss the fact they were pregnant.

Until it happened to me.

When Molly was born, Erik & I agreed that was it. Two was our limit. Financially and space-wise (TINY house, have I mentioned?). We were done. Finito. Kaput. I was breastfeeding, had the pill and we took every precaution we possibly could. Well, just about.  At no time in our lives was there any less than 3 forms of birth control happening – and with a new baby in the house sleep was often a more precious commodity than alone time (You know that commercial where the couple gets a hotel room and the second the blinds are closed they pass out instead of sexy-time? Yeah…sort of like that.)

At four months of age, Molly’s silent reflux came to the forefront, as did her FTT. I (stupidly) stopped breastfeeding by her (stupid) pediatricians advice and switched to formula in a desperate attempt to have her gain weight (what a stupid, stupid thing…but that’s a story for another day).

All of the health care visits for Molly kept me busy. I was working as a waitress at nights. I was busy, tired, not paying much attention whatsoever. Life was nuts.

Once in a while I got an odd pain that I swore hit right on my cervix – which was really odd considering my status as a non-preggo mom of two.

In December 2005 I wrote the following on my LiveJournal (remember those days?) entry:

I feel pregnant still/again. Nearly 100% sure I’m not…because it would be almost physically impossible to be…and if I was, I’d be about 6 months along right now and a bit bigger than I am…so I think I have another cyst. Probably pretty nasty too, because when I was taking a bath the other night I realized one side of my abdomen is relatively solid. There’s definitely something in there. I’m still 10 lbs. above pre-preggers weight and I don’t eat a ton…I eat like I always have. My boobs are still a cup size over pre-preggers and leaking…and I’m moody as Hell…I’ve started getting the sharp pains around my ovary area that I got when I had my last one…but they aren’t as frequent.

Weird, right?

What did I do about all of the oddities?

Not a damn thing. Not for a month.

January came and around mid-month another really odd thing happened.

5:30AM January 17th. No school, Erik didn’t work, I didn’t work until about 5:30PM. All was quiet.

My eyes flew open. I was wide awake.

Mind you, I am nowhere near a morning person – if I do wake up at that time I’m usually half dead. But nope, not that day, I was wide-eyed-pie-eyed.

I set my hand on my stomach and said, “What the hell?”

For a split second I’d thought I felt a baby move. You know, the butterfly wing-touches.

Once again, did I do anything?

Nope. I blew it off as GAS. Yeah.

Another two whole weeks went by before I finally decided to just pick up a pregnancy test at the grocery store to shut up that weird nagging voice in the back of my head.


Because really – there was no way I was pregnant.


Test came up positive.

I freaked the hell out. Crying rivers of tears. We couldn’t afford this. We didn’t have room. I called Erik at work, sobbing and asked him to come home. I kept telling him I couldn’t say anything over the phone but he forced it out of me, and he was home twenty minutes later.

Despite the positive test in my hands, I still didn’t believe it. I called the doctor’s office and his fabulous nurse told me to come in first thing in the morning for the blood test. I had to wait another 24 hours before that amazing nurse called me before thy even opened to give me the results. I was, in fact, pregnant. She then said…

“Let me see if we can get you scheduled in about 4 weeks from now. By these numbers I’d say you’re very early, about 4 weeks.”

My response was immediate protest.

“No. You don’t understand. My first symptom was the baby kicking. I’ve felt it move. I’m sure I’m way beyond 4 weeks along.”

In surprise, she agreed we had to get in for an ultrasound ASAP.

4 days later I found out I was having a girl – on the very first ultrasound.

I was 23 weeks.

Birthday Party (577)She was born at 36 weeks.

The doctor said I set a speed record for him in pregnancies.

In my defense, after this visit my pregnancy did far more than set a speed record. It was like the minute my pregnancy was confirmed my body took it as a big thumbs up to REALLY let loose.

I had SEVERE pain (Pubic Symphysis Diastasis) – so bad I couldn’t roll over in bed at night. I blew up and looked pregnant within a week (I hadn’t up until then). I was put on modified bed rest within a month of my ultrasound – true bedrest when I went into pre-term labor at 35 weeks (lifted @36 weeks).  It became almost a nightmare once I knew I was pregnant…

But for 23 weeks I didn’t know I was pregnant!

The results were so worth it, though.

I mean, what would we do without our crazy, cooky, stubborn angel?

by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
Redefining Perfect every day.