One Word – 2015

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Tonight is a night of reflection. When we all look back on the year that’s past and examine it, and then look forward to the coming year and anticipate what’s coming. A breath of hope. Of change. Of life. To look back on my 2015 I can sum it all up with one simple word. More so in the last 1/3 of the year, but definitely, all around, chaos. There was much good to be had – Disney (again), getting my son back from the land of emo teenager, book releases, returning to the community theater stage (w/ my whole family, no less) good moments with friends and family. There were also rough times – my dad’s downward spiral into some pretty bad Parkinson’s symptoms, working triple time at the day job, my publisher closing, and some pretty hurt feelings on my part (sorry, vagueposting that). The last third of the year it felt like I couldn’t even take a breath we were so insanely busy. Between the play, Disney, work life and home life, I got hardly any writing done, hardly any breathing done. Now it’s time to step back and take a breath. To look to the upcoming year with hope and excitement. I see more chaos in the coming year for certain. I see myself setting more lofty goals for myself. I see big changes for my family’s dynamic as one bird flies from the nest. I see growth for my book sales, and moving closer to my dream of being able to stay at home again.  I see excitement as more of my Buffalo family moves to Indiana. So I welcome 2016 with a certain level of anticipation and calm acceptance. I look forward to whatever it brings me. Read more »

Duff Beer & Moe’s Pub – Universal, Disney, and Make A Wish

When we first got married, Erik was pretty big into the Simpson’s. Me? Not so much.  At one point I bought him a season or two on DVD, but over time the Simpsons sort of faded off into the background. Erik will still enjoy an episode now and then, but it isn’t all-consuming. When we spotted Bart & Homer at Universal it was tough to get anyone in the house to get a picture, but then Erik decided to go for it and his adoring little daddy’s girl went along for the ride (seriously, look at how she’s just staring at him…awwww). However… Apparently all you had to say was “Duff Beer” and “Moe’s” to get the hubby fully on board.  When he saw the Duff Beer stand he went nuts…and then when the front of Moe’s pub was free, we had to get a picture. Erik HAD to go to Moe’s, and he HAD to get a beer. Because that’s what you do if you’ve ever been a Simpson’s fan and end up in Springfield. It’s just what you do. You have to. Read more »

by Sarah Cass

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Boulangerie Pâtisserie – Disney, Universal, & Make A Wish

For two of the kids there was one park that was a hands-down favorite. Epcot. Molly absolutely loved the world showcase. Perhaps because there weren’t any rides she was too afraid to go on. She loved seeing the different countries and meeting the Princesses in their areas. Denver loved the rides (and is mad, like me, that we totally missed a few), and the world showcase was top notch for him. He liked exploring and seeing all the different things to offer. His biggest regret is that we missed the one Disney Princess he would have agreed to get a picture with – Mulan. But, what we all loved, unanimously, best about Epcot is situated right in France. Boulangerie Pâtisserie It has been my favorite place since my first trip to Epcot, and remains so today. I cannot wait to go back, and plan on budgeting a bit more money for more sweets than last time. They were so good, and I could totally bring them back with me to the villa. 😉 We bought four whole desserts last time, and scarfed every single one of them down. The favorite was, of course, the macarons. Light, airy, and so packed with flavor in every bite. I think I ended up with the vanilla, while the kids got the blueberry, raspberry and chocolate. I think the kids and I totally ignored lunch that day and just pigged out on desserts. Poor diabetic hubby didn’t get to share in the joy as much, and was disappointed that all of their sandwiches had sauces (he doesn’t like sauce on his sandwiches). But, he satisfied himself with other treats as we were there during the food and wine festival. Anyway, we’re already prepping our menu for next time, and seeing as my parents will be with us, it’s going to be quite a to-do, I’m sure. I might even actually get a sandwich this time, there were so many that looked good…but really, the whole point in going there is for the desserts. I can snack all day in Epcot, but here I get serious and sit down and really dive into the sweets. Read more »