Adulting is Stupid

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One leaking drain…in the wall. One homeowners insurance claim. One giant salamander in the backyard (for treatment of water damage). Three different companies (so far) dealt with in repairs. One doctor pissing me the *bleep* off. One car deceptively decent attempting to bleed us dry. One 100* home (due to aforementioned treatment for water damage). One new extra PT job. Five cranky household members. One miserable pooch. Zero capability to cook in an already over-baked home. One teenager eager to flee the coop. Two exhausted adulters ready to turn in their adult cards. Can I go back to Disney? And never ever leave? ~le sigh~ Done. That is me. Just done.     Read more »

One Word – 2015

Tonight is a night of reflection. When we all look back on the year that’s past and examine it, and then look forward to the coming year and anticipate what’s coming. A breath of hope. Of change. Of life. To look back on my 2015 I can sum it all up with one simple word. More so in the last 1/3 of the year, but definitely, all around, chaos. There was much good to be had – Disney (again), getting my son back from the land of emo teenager, book releases, returning to the community theater stage (w/ my whole family, no less) good moments with friends and family. There were also rough times – my dad’s downward spiral into some pretty bad Parkinson’s symptoms, working triple time at the day job, my publisher closing, and some pretty hurt feelings on my part (sorry, vagueposting that). The last third of the year it felt like I couldn’t even take a breath we were so insanely busy. Between the play, Disney, work life and home life, I got hardly any writing done, hardly any breathing done. Now it’s time to step back and take a breath. To look to the upcoming year with hope and excitement. I see more chaos in the coming year for certain. I see myself setting more lofty goals for myself. I see big changes for my family’s dynamic as one bird flies from the nest. I see growth for my book sales, and moving closer to my dream of being able to stay at home again.  I see excitement as more of my Buffalo family moves to Indiana. So I welcome 2016 with a certain level of anticipation and calm acceptance. I look forward to whatever it brings me. Read more »

by Sarah Cass

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My Favorite Time of Year

The stress is real. There are cookies to be baked. A bevy of presents to be wrapped. A tree to be trimmed. There are more cookies to be baked. Carols to be sung. Play performances to be had. Many more work hours than normal. 3 kids on Christmas break. Working the day before and after the holiday (every holiday this season). … And then… There’s the joy. The presents. The family together. The food. The lights. The ornaments from the past and new ones. There is so much to love about this season…all those stresses don’t seem so…stressful. Read more »