Happy Meals for Happy Readers

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On almost any day of the week you can find the members of this family with their noses buried in a book. Sure, the teen took a really, really long time to come around, but once he did he was unstoppable. The girls read well above their comprehension level just to get words on the page. So when I heard McDonald’s was replacing toys with books in their Happy Meals? I was pretty stoked. My girls will love getting books, and I love that McDonald’s is taking this step. Included in our Happy Meals are these fun titles that involve teaching children about eating right when sometimes it’s not so easy to do: But they aren’t stopping there, which is even better.  Want to know why? McDonald’s of Central Indiana is leading a “Give a Book, Get a Book” campaign. All around Indy, from November 1st through the 14th, at Ronald McDonald Houses, local libraries, and Indy Reads there will be Book Donation sites set up. In exchange for a donation of a new (or gently used) children’s book, you’ll get a “Be Our Guest” card good for a free Happy Meal! And to top it all off, participating libraries will host a “Happy Meal Day” filled with kid’s activities and McDonald’s Happy Meal books!! Since 2011 McDonald’s has been finding new ways to take action and fulfill their “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices”. Each of the stories in these unique, limited edition books, is a fun and nutritional message that kids can understand. Now onto the part I know you’ve been waiting for. My Giveaway!  One lucky winner will get a week’s worth of Happy Meal Coupons, a $10 Amazon Gift Card, and a copy of a Happy Meal Book! To make it easier, I whipped up a rafflecopter this time.  Good luck!   a Rafflecopter giveaway   Read more »

A Clean Slate for the Temperamental One

* <–This picture really says it all when it comes to my kids. Denver is the aloof teenager. Molly is the shy, slightly awkward middle’un. And Kennedy… Well, we love Kennedy. She’s got the attitude. The stubborn streak. The temper. *~* Last year over the course of the school year we had many issues with Kennedy. Her grades and smarts were impeccable. She moved into the advanced reader classes, and has continued on that course this year. However, we had other issues. Lying. Stealing. Stealing again. More lies. There was regular emails between myself and her teacher to verify facts and get our ducks in a row. Her temper was another issue again, frequent, but not overly so. She went to ‘friendship classes’, and had sessions with the guidance counselor. It was quite a year for little K. *~* This year we debated. “Do we warn the teacher?” We decided not to. We gave her a pass, a clean slate to try to make this year better all on her own. So far, it appears to be working… but we’ll know for sure at Parent Teacher Conference. ~fingers crossed~ Read more »

by Sarah Cass

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Proud Science Geeks

*~* I’m the proud parent of science geeks. I was one myself. First was Denver, who wanted to be a scientist for NASA. For years that was his dream, but he’s since moved on… To wanting to be a doctor. I gotta say, I’m okay with that. Now Molly is loving science since she started in science last year, and Kennedy is right behind her this year. It’s a common theme in this house – science is a favorite. From photosynthesis, to outer-space, to biology, genetics and beyond…my kids eat it all up. *~* Part of the reason I myself enjoy science so much is because I really hate unknowns. I like facts. If my kids are sick – I want to know the hows and why’s. I want specifics and details. I want to know the life expectancies, the proper medicines, the risks and complications. It was the same way when my grandfather got sick. As painful as facts can be, they help me cope. *~* So when my kids come home with light in their eyes talking about what they learned in science today, I’m all over it. From gross bugs, to meteors, I am happy to encourage their love of science. Because as much as I love writing and fiction and living in a world of make-believe… I like science just as much, and sometimes even more. It’s not going to lie to me, it might make me wait for answers, but it gives me answers. You know, science doesn’t lie – it’s made of facts. And it makes it that much easier to fight. *~* Watch and learn about Nature’s Tiny Miracle: http://clvr.li/18QgDzl Like Planters on FB Visit Planters Power of the Peanut I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Read more »