One Word – 2015

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Tonight is a night of reflection. When we all look back on the year that’s past and examine it, and then look forward to the coming year and anticipate what’s coming. A breath of hope. Of change. Of life. To look back on my 2015 I can sum it all up with one simple word. More so in the last 1/3 of the year, but definitely, all around, chaos. There was much good to be had – Disney (again), getting my son back from the land of emo teenager, book releases, returning to the community theater stage (w/ my whole family, no less) good moments with friends and family. There were also rough times – my dad’s downward spiral into some pretty bad Parkinson’s symptoms, working triple time at the day job, my publisher closing, and some pretty hurt feelings on my part (sorry, vagueposting that). The last third of the year it felt like I couldn’t even take a breath we were so insanely busy. Between the play, Disney, work life and home life, I got hardly any writing done, hardly any breathing done. Now it’s time to step back and take a breath. To look to the upcoming year with hope and excitement. I see more chaos in the coming year for certain. I see myself setting more lofty goals for myself. I see big changes for my family’s dynamic as one bird flies from the nest. I see growth for my book sales, and moving closer to my dream of being able to stay at home again.  I see excitement as more of my Buffalo family moves to Indiana. So I welcome 2016 with a certain level of anticipation and calm acceptance. I look forward to whatever it brings me. Read more »

H is for Hummingbird #AtoZchallenge

This hummingbird glass sculpture was purchased to be my cake-topper at my wedding to match the light hints of hummingbird throughout my wedding (like the hummingbirds mom embroidered on my dress).  Less than a year after the wedding my cat skidded across my dresser, knocked it to the ground and shattered it. I refuse to throw it away. It sits there, sealed in a plastic bag, for eternity. The symbol of the hummingbird means too much to give up. I dream of finding someone to fix this cake-topper, even though I know it’s not possible. *~* My grandparents used to take an annual trip to see my Grampa’s brother. They’d go out to Massachusetts and spend time with family, and then return home to Buffalo. One of their favorite parts of the trip was sitting outside and watching the hummingbirds buzz around. Then, my great-uncle passed away, and my grandparents went out for the funeral. On their last night there, in the cool evening air they spoke of my uncle. As he sat there talking, a hummingbird flew up near my Grampa’s shoulder and hovered. It lingered near his face for several minutes, flitting back and forth before flying off. They all decided that had been my great-uncle stopping by for one last visit. Almost seventeen years ago, after a year’s fight against cancer, my Grampa passed away. It was September in Buffalo.  Cold air had begun to move in. All summer things were fading.  I returned to New York with the funeral, and then went right back to NC to return to school. Three weeks later the family grapevine lit up with the story. At the end of September, Gramma was out on her porch to bring in all the chairs, etc. for winter. It was a yearly ritual when it just became too cold to sit on the porch. Since it was sunny, she decided to sit outside for one last afternoon. Wrapped in her sweater she sat, watching the cars go by as she always did. There. In the cold end of September. Hovering near a hanging plant. Buzzed a hummingbird. It flew under the porch roof. Hovered near Grandma. And then took off. * Every September for the past sixteen years. Even if I have not seen one all year. A hummingbird shows up. Every year. *~* I won’t let go of the cake topper. The hummingbird is still in one piece. And Grampa still visits. *~*~* The A-Z Challenge has over 1900 participants, all blogging from A to Z this month. Check them out and see if you can’t find a few new favorites!! Read more »

by Sarah Cass

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The Ups & Downs of 2012

I’m not going to lie and come in here with rainbows & sunshine and say 2012 was the BEST YEAR EVER!!! Because it wasn’t. We had struggles.  Financially, physically, mentally, we struggled. Kids went in the hospital, husband had medical issues of many kinds, I sprained my ankle, husband sprained an ankle, Kennedy came within inches of a feeding tube. There have been lows. Some of them mind-numbingly bad. But we are still here.  Our whole family. And beyond those lows – there were highs.  Highs like we’ve never seen – and experiences that were beyond amazing. For me, 2012 will be a year to be immortalized in my mental record books. It was the year I dyed my hair purple. It was the year I got published. It was the year I swung through the trees. It was the year I signed my first book contract. It was the year I climbed mountains. It was the year I signed 2 more publishing contracts – bringing my years total to 3. It was the year Erik and I finally got a vacation. It was the year I got to see Cirque (Creepy & cool). It was the year I turned 36 – & finally felt like I’d come into my own. It was the year I ran my first 5k. I made friends out in that big world, my blog grew, my experiences grew, I grew.  Sometimes out of struggle, but I still grew. 2013 has so much promise to it.  Two of my books and a short story are all due to be published.  I have more experiences waiting for me on the other side of January 1st.  I know we’ll have struggles, I know we aren’t done fighting many of the battles we’re still waging today, and I know that there will be days I’ll want to give up. But I also know – that I will emerge from each of those struggles.  Maybe scarred, but always stronger. So bring it, 2013.  The Promises, and the Struggles.  I’m ready for you.           Read more »