40 – And Still Hitting My Stride

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Today I turned 40 years old. I didn’t fear this day. I still am not upset. I don’t feel like I’ve crested a hill, or that anything is going downhill. This weekend I ghost hunted. Went to an exotic animal sanctuary. Spent time alone with my husband. I am not where I plan to be in the future, but I am good where I am. I am about to have one of my birds fly the coop, and the other two are out of elementary school with eyes on the future. I have a husband to whom I’ve been happily married for nearly 14 years. I have a dog, and a fish, and I’m able to work the job of my dreams (writing) when I can. I am working on my 45X45 list, and have knocked out a few of those dreams this year. Now that I’m 40, I may take another gander at it to see what I may wish to change. Either way, I am 40. I am embracing it without fear or upset. Because 40 is awesome. 40 is when I feel like I’m coming into my own. Hello 40. Read more »

On Stage Again – Knocking Out That 45X45 List

I turn 40 in about a month. I’ve been blessed in the past couple of years to be able to unintentionally fulfill a few items on my 45 X 45 list, and have my sites on a few more in the next couple of years. However, this past fall-into-winter, I stumbled into a role in the local community theater. One of my customers at the bank was the producer and urged me to audition. It was A Charlie Brown Christmas, so of course I did. Say hello to Violet Grey. Also in the cast was Shermy (my hubby, Erik), and a couple of Woodstocks (Kennedy & Molly)…and backstage you could find Denver helping out. For two months we rehearsed. Sang. Roller skated!!! I had forgotten how much I loved doing theater. Plenty of excuses not to. This turned into a family affair and was the perfect way to dip my toe back into the theater pool. More auditions are planned (this month! Eek!). Though my available time has waned in recent months, that theater bug has re-seated itself into my blood. This was about more than knocking another item off of my bucket list. It was like coming home. I won’t go all crazy 4-shows-a-year-so-I’m-never-home again. But I won’t go too far away from home again. This time, though, it’ll be just me. Read more »

by Sarah Cass

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Inked in the Family

*It should be noted that if my mom knows I put this out there, she’ll probably kill me. So mom, on the off chance you’re reading my blog today, so sorry–but it had to be done! My wish for ink started when I was young. From the time I was sixteen I knew I wanted a tattoo, even if I was afraid of how much it could hurt.  However, I always said I would not get one at 18, no matter what. I didn’t want to get a tattoo I might one day regret. My brother, being older and in the military, beat me to the ink.  He started with a panther (high school mascot) on his shoulder. I’m not sure just how many he has now, but he didn’t stop there. My mother? HORRIFIED!  How dare he get a tattoo?  How could he do that to himself? OMG, it was awful. Two and a half years ago, on my 35th birthday, I finally got my ink. It’s a butterfly, a running theme on my website that I use to represent my kids growing beyond their labels. It’s purple, my favorite color. It has all three of my kids initials. Can you see them? My only regret with this tattoo is that because of the location, I actually forget I have it sometimes. I love it. I’m so glad I waited until I was 35. My mother by  now?  Her reactions were not as severe as they were years ago when my brother got his. However, I got the chastising glance and the disappointed shaking of the head. The heavy sigh of “Where did I go wrong?” Fast forward to two months ago.  My dad brings by their dog so we can dog-sit while they go on a cruise. In casual conversation the subject of tattoos comes up. I mention that I’m itching for another one and he just throws out the statement: “Well, your mother has one.” Said like it was no big deal. I screech to a halt and say, “WHAT?” “Yeah. She got a flamingo.” (Side note-my mom has been obsessed w/ flamingos for years). Of course, I had no choice but to confront her the next time I saw her. She tried to deny it with a shocked “Who told you that?” And then I got “Well, you’ll never see it.” I just shook my head and I’m still shaking my head.  After all the fuss she threw over my brother and I getting tattoos? I don’t know how to take it. My friends mom? Sure. She’s getting a full on sleeve, and that’s cool. I mean, I’ve met her mom and this doesn’t shock me. My Mom? WHAT? Read more »