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March was a sucktastic month, I’ve made no secret of that. But it’s over now. With some carnage around us, we are gathering the pieces together, and re-evaluating some things. The teen is graduating soon and moving on to bigger and better (and warmer) things. He’s pulling up stakes and moving down south to pursue a dream. Whether it’s me turning 40, hubby turning almost-50, the teen leaving home, or just the hell of a month we went through – we are starting to look at where we are ourselves vs. where we want to be. We’ve begun to dream big. Bigger than we’ve allowed ourselves to dream in a while. Right now it’s all pipe dreams and wishes, but as Walt Disney said – “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Now all we have to do is muster some courage and pursue them all. We needed a spark of hope, and we’ve given it to ourselves. It’s kind of terrifying, and so very exciting. I’d gotten in a rut, and sort of beat down. It feels really good to dream again.   Read more »

Molly the Meek, or is she? – Disney, Universal, Make A Wish

2014 – Disney, Universal, Make-A-Wish…My dear sweet Molly. Oh, how she loved so much about the parks. The princesses, the speedway (because she can drive!), the ice cream (because, DUH). Just about everything was just AWESOME. There was one thing that held her back. One thing that kept her sitting on the sidelines about 50-75% of the time. She was afraid. Of the rides. Of the roller coasters. Of anything that left the ground in any fashion. Lucky for her, her brother wasn’t too keen on the rides either. They sat out most of the rides. Fast forward one year. 2015. The year started out much like the year before. Molly holding back. Then something changed. Something small. She noticed the Barnstormer. She was afraid, but jealous of us going on all these rides and coming off super excited. And so she took a chance. She rode the ride. And came off exhilarated. She wouldn’t ride one that went upside down, but she went on every roller coaster from that point on. We went on the Barnstormer three times. She even, on the last night, went on Space Mountain. It terrified her, but she ended up loving it. Little by little she went from Molly the Meek to Molly the Daredevil(ish).  It was so much fun watching her emerge from that little ball of fear into eagerness. She admitted after our last roller coaster (Space Mountain), that every ride scared her, but that was half the fun. Molly stepping out of her comfort zone is a huge deal. So thank you, Disney. Universal. For bringing out the daredevil in this one. It’s awesome. You’re awesome.   Read more »

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The Return – Disney, Universal, Make-A-Wish

We once again had the mixed blessing of a Make-A-Wish trip to Disney and Universal. How it came about wasn’t intentional, in fact the wish was originally something much different. When we had our first meeting with Make-A-Wish Denver thought he’d hate Disney, that Kennedy’s wish would be awful, and he’d be so bored. His wish was to meet Sir Patrick Stewart. We were warned that celebrity wishes were difficult and took a long time to fulfill. So we waited. I planned Kennedy’s trip in the few months we had, and we ended up going in pretty blind. We had an amazing trip, as I’ve documented here (and will continue to do so), and all too soon we returned home. Although Denver returned home a changed teen, we thought that was it. A few months later I got the fateful email – Denver’s original wish to meet Sir Patrick Stewart would not be able to come to fruition. He was working 27 hour days on the set of his new show and they couldn’t make it happen. Did Denver want to change his second wish? Boy, did he ever. He wasn’t sure Make-A-Wish could make it happen because we’d just been, but if we could, could we return to Disney? Turns out, they could, and so we were going to return to Disney! Denver wasn’t done there, though. To top of the already magical wish of a Disney vacation – he wanted to invite his grandparents (only my mother went). And then he wanted to take it a step further. He wanted to completely surprise his sisters. So for seven months we kept the secret, barely at times. The story of the reveal is one for another day, but suffice it to say, it went over very well and we made the amazing return to Disney. We did more, saw more. Had better times, and some not-so-great times. We went on every coaster, sometimes twice. We took chances, we met princesses and dined with them. We met villains and Eeyore and Mad Hatters. The return was a breathtaking celebration, the fate of our family as a Disney family sealed. The future goals of our son irrevocably changed.   Once again their is so much to tell. So much that will come out over the course of the next few months. I’ll continue our stories from the first year and add in those from the second. Needless to say. If we weren’t before – we are a Disney family now. Read more »