Enter the World of The Tribe

In the time before time, there was one great Tribe on the great continent of what is now the America’s. Many of the Tribe’s people possessed great magic. There were Shifters – those who had within them a second Spirit, that of an animal which they could turn into at will, and had to turn into at the full moon or suffer great pain. Over time, the Elders saw the arrival of the men from over the great water and knowing of the utter destruction to creatures such as the Fae, and knew they needed to protect themselves. They withdrew their presence to a large portion of woods in what would become Canada. The natives they left behind divided into tribes, and adopted a general modesty, preferring to remain clothed, unlike their magical ancestors that didn’t care much about clothes because of their need to Shift. The Tribe grew to live in complete secrecy on magically protected lands over hundreds of years, and many generations. Thought they remained stuck in the old ways, one young woman craved more. An abnormality even among her people, she was joined by a companion Wolf Spirit, though she had no marking at birth indicating she would, like so many people. Her behavior, and the suspicious circumstances under which her Wolf joined her life, she struggles against the old ways and her role within the Tribe. The Tribe series follows this young woman, Nirvelli Misu, through her growth and navigating love, and mate-hood. An Urban Fantasy ripe with love, loss, pain, deception, family, friendships, and mystery. Join Nirvelli, Reed (her childhood sweetheart), Kane (the Wolf Shifter that has claimed her as his mate), Noelle, and many more. From the hidden lands of the Tribe, to California, this rag-tag family learns how to cope with who they are, even if it threatens to kill them. Find them at your book retailers today: The Tribe: Ebook: | Amazon | Smashwords | iBooks | BN | Kobo | Print: | Amazon | Createspace | BN | | Goodreads | BookBub | The Wolf: Ebook: | Amazon | Smashwords | iBooks | BN | Kobo | Print: | Amazon | Createspace | BN | | Goodreads | BookBub | The Chief: Ebook: | Amazon | Smashwords | iBooks | BN | Kobo | | Goodreads | The Raven: Ebook: | Amazon | Smashwords | iBooks | BN | Kobo | | Goodreads | Read more »

by Sarah Cass

Multi-published author. Mom of 3 special needs kids. Wife to 1 good man.
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Moon Magic – Etsy Shop

Earlier this year I got on a crafty kick. I figured out a way to make pendants that were hand painted, and rolled with it.  In the end, I opened up an Etsy shop that has a few of my favorite things all for sale.  It’s been fun, and I hope you like what I have to offer. While I started with pendants, and tarot/oracle readings, I’ve begun to expand. I love photography, especially when I get to photograph animals and flowers. So I went in and added the ability to order prints of some of my favorite photos. Of course, what would an Etsy shop of mine be without my books? Everything I have in print, is available in the shop. * First up is the reason I started the shop. The pendants. Each pendant is hand-painted. I have managed to add details like the Wonder Woman symbol (my favorite), or the flowers you see on the pendant on the right. Each pendant comes with a leather chain, but you have an option to purchase a silver chain as well. I have such fun making these, and I wear mine all the time. Stock is lower as I’ve sold a few, but I’m adding more every day.   Second is the animal prints. The zebra is the reason I started. It is, and remains my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. I am putting a print of it up in my office, actually. I have quite a variety of different animals available, with more being added often. From leaping lemurs, to flamingos (my mom’s favorite, so I had to), to the majestic lion, you should be able to find an animal you love here. If it’s not there now – expect to see it soon. As well as the animals, I also have some beautiful orchid photos available. These flowers are so easy to photograph. They are naturally beautiful, and therefore so easy to capture. They’ll make a gorgeous accent to just about any room in your home. * My books are also available, and with a special twist. Each will come to you autographed, personalized if you mention so in the comment. It’s a chance to get a copy of my books fully signed, directly from me instead of from a middle man like the zon. As I publish more books in print, they’ll be added here. * * Last, but not least, is my tarot/oracle card readings. Right now I have the options for one or three card readings, with a variety of cards available to choose from. I really enjoy doing readings, and I love my cards, so I can’t tell you what to pick, but I will say that the two pictured here are my favorites. 😉   I will be adding a link at the top of the blog soon, but Christmas, and vacations, and such have delayed this from happening. For now, I hope you’ll head on over and check it out. It’s a fun little side gig that I’m adding new things to as often as I can.  I have a bunch of pendants still to list, and photos. So stay tuned. So much more is coming!       Read more »