Just Dance Kids 2014 – Review

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  Up until now our Wii got most of its use from watching movies, or the teenager playing one of his games. There was only one or two games that we could all get into. Then we got a hold of this one…Just Dance Kids 2014. I have to admit when I first read the back I got a little excited when I saw “Make it Shine” from Victorious on there…plus a song by Ariana Grande. I’m such a closet (or not so closet anymore) Victorious lover. It’s one of the shows I miss now that we aren’t on cable. 😀 So this week we brought out the Wii for something we all could play – and play we ALL did…even the teen!! The girls, of course, got first run and boy did they tear it up, to several songs, including “Make it Shine”. Then it was time for Erik and I to play. And wouldn’t you know…we did THE HUSTLE!!  It was a laugh-riot getting Erik into the mix and doing The Hustle with me. Both of us were laughing by the time it was done, and were reluctant to return the remotes back over! Then, with a little nudging and encouragement we actually got the teenager to play along. It was only for a game, but I know that he’d never admit how much fun he had. The girls kept playing for another good hour before we settled down and got ready for bed. By the next day they were begging to play again…and we were all too happy to oblige.  The game is addicting, and clean fun, and everyone enjoys playing it.  I have a feeling the Wii will stay out of hiding for a good long while now. As you can see, the girls LOVED it.  They were all too happy to lend their review once I managed to get their attention away from the game!! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Read more »

Travels with Gannon & Wyatt, Review & Giveaway!

We LOVE reading in this house. I mean really, REALLY love it. The day I told the girls I had brand new books for them to read was a party and a half. They were so excited, and when we cracked open the books from the “Travels with Gannon & Wyatt” series it was all over. I mean, it’s ANIMALS! The girls immediately dove in and scanned for pictures first, because the pictures of the live animals (the alligator was a big hit for our little alligator), and they couldn’t wait to see every one of them. Once they’d settled down we sat down to read. The stories are told in journal form, with separate entries by both Gannon & Wyatt, which make for short “chapters” perfect for my ADD readers. I also love that each of the entries start with a great learning opportunity (or 2).  They list the location – with a longitude and latitude. Temperatures and weather listings are there too.  These gave me and the girls some great chances to talk about what these things are, and find a map (~cough~ or a computer ~cough~) to look them all up. Of course, there’s all the animals, which my kids LOVE.  Oh, and at the end, there’s a few pages with spots for journal entries.  The girls are dying to take a trip to the zoo to use them! Kennedy got to read first and eagerly dove in, and by the time she was home, she was dragging Molly over to join her. Hearing Kennedy say words like “Botswana” and “Kalahari Dessert” at her young age, is so much fun. She’s having fun, she’s reading, and she’s learning. Kennedy has taken a shining to the Botswana book.  It has all the animals she loves. Elephants, alligators, rhinos and cheetah’s. We love sitting down and devouring chapters as fast as she can. I have a feeling these books are going to be long lasting around here, so much to read and learn, and the older they get, the more they’ll understand! As you can see below, the girls HIGHLY recommend the books and want you to win a set of your own. (Look below the picture for how to win) Gannon & Wyatt have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account you should really follow to keep up on their latest adventures!! Giveaway Time!! Entry is easy… 1. Leave a comment telling me what you love about these books and why you want them for your kid!! (required entry) 2. For an extra entry, tweet the following exactly (copy & paste should do it). ~optional extra entry Travels with @GannonandWyatt, a review & a #Giveaway. Great books w/ learning opportunities! #GannonWyatt http://bit.ly/1ej1dZG @sadiecass 3. Pin this post using the giveaway picture & leave a comment with the link to the pin! ~optional extra entry That’s it!  The giveaway ends on 11/25 at 9AM. The winner will only have 24 hours to get back to me, as I must turn in your info by the 26th!  There will be no second chances, as I have a deadline! There is another giveaway over at my dear friend, Emily’s place if you want more chances to win, head on over there! You should also know that Gannon & Wyatt are having a Kindle Fire Giveaway on their Facebook Page the month of November!! There’s still time to enter, so head on over!!   I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Read more »

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Proud Science Geeks

*~* I’m the proud parent of science geeks. I was one myself. First was Denver, who wanted to be a scientist for NASA. For years that was his dream, but he’s since moved on… To wanting to be a doctor. I gotta say, I’m okay with that. Now Molly is loving science since she started in science last year, and Kennedy is right behind her this year. It’s a common theme in this house – science is a favorite. From photosynthesis, to outer-space, to biology, genetics and beyond…my kids eat it all up. *~* Part of the reason I myself enjoy science so much is because I really hate unknowns. I like facts. If my kids are sick – I want to know the hows and why’s. I want specifics and details. I want to know the life expectancies, the proper medicines, the risks and complications. It was the same way when my grandfather got sick. As painful as facts can be, they help me cope. *~* So when my kids come home with light in their eyes talking about what they learned in science today, I’m all over it. From gross bugs, to meteors, I am happy to encourage their love of science. Because as much as I love writing and fiction and living in a world of make-believe… I like science just as much, and sometimes even more. It’s not going to lie to me, it might make me wait for answers, but it gives me answers. You know, science doesn’t lie – it’s made of facts. And it makes it that much easier to fight. *~* Watch and learn about Nature’s Tiny Miracle: http://clvr.li/18QgDzl Like Planters on FB Visit Planters Power of the Peanut I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Read more »