Day Trippin’ – Newport Aquarium

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Last year, I decided to take inspiration from Heather, and take my girls on a Day Trip.  The boys were out of town on the voluntourism trip, I had a discount at a nearby aquarium thanks to work, and so I just did a last minute, “We’re doing this!!” I took the girls out of school (*shock* *gasp* Oh, hush. It was an educational day, so I don’t care)…loaded them into the car, and off we went to the Newport Aquarium. A place I didn’t realize existed, had never been to, but it’s only a few hours away! I learned that my girls are awful for more than a couple of hours in the car, because they are SO BORED. I learned that I haven’t done this enough because my girls have NO idea about car games, how to play them, or what they are. I spent my childhood playing car games on our many jaunts. I learned that my girls LOVE the aquarium. I learned that we have GOT to do this more often. Speaking of, why haven’t I done this since?  I need to get on that… Anyway…I won’t bore you with a recounting of our day, I’ll just flash some pictures your way of the fun we had. Not shown here…the two-story Barnes & Noble that I could have spent all day in. The grilled cheese shop that turned out to be fantastic. The candy shop my girls could have spent all day in. But what I can show you to wrap this up, is this gorgeous pic of the Cincinnati skyline that we were lucky enough to start out and finish our day by seeing. Read more »