Air Frying is the Compromise We All Love

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*This post is sponsored by Phoenix Trading Company. I was given an air fryer in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.* In the world of home appliances, I have both too many, and too few. Recently I got a new kitchen appliance that has brought about some good. See, we have had a bit of a problem in our marriage since day 1. I LOVE fried food. Erik hates it. So some of my favorite meals, he only picks at. He doesn’t like the grease, slime, general heaviness of fried anything. When I was approached to try out this Air Fryer, I jumped at the chance. What better compromise could this nearly-14 years married couple make than air frying? No greasy food, just pure taste. At least, that was the hope. Hubs wasn’t so sure once he heard about it, and saw the thing.  But, I persisted. I made the one meal I love to make often, and hubs has always liked the taste of, but not the frying. Breaded lemon chicken (just call me Debra Barone). I did everything the same as I always did, but instead of fighting dropping it in a pan, I set it in a basket, spritzed it with some olive oil spray and slid it into the cooker. Ten minutes later, they were done. Bonus points I didn’t even think of? I didn’t have to worry about the chicken being cooked through in the middle. Normally in oil I either get the breading burned, and the inside isn’t cooked…or vice versa. In the air fryer every single piece was perfection, from the thickest to the thinnest. Oil burns be gone!  See, I have a bad habit of getting burned by everything I cook in oil or in its own grease (hello bacon, my delicious nemesis). Holy cow is it nice to be able to not worry about that. My hands, arms, and even my face are free from grease splatter. If I was just cooking for one or two of us, I could have slipped our whole meal in one basket as their cooking time was the same. However, there were four of us, so I had to spread it out. Still, for a quick lunch, I’m all over this. It’s a smaller kitchen appliance that can either sit on your counter, or slip into a cabinet should you have a tiny kitchen with no counter space like me. 😉 Did I mention the no oil thing? A little spritz of olive oil instead of sitting in pools of oil will help keep me out of that plus size clothing 😉 My husband eats the food. Scarfed it down, actually. So we had a delicious meal. Perfectly cooked chicken, potatoes and cauliflower. A meal that everyone ate up, and turned out to be easy as pie. Oooh, pie. That’s something I should make next. Little mini pies in no time flat. You in with me?  I can help you with that super easy. Because I’m sharing a giveaway for a Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Air Fryer w/ Filter & Accessories !!!   Seriously, you want in. Soon as I get that pie recipe done, I’ll share it with you. I’m on it tonight.   Entry-Form   About Phoenix Trading Company (PTC): First, we’re not in Phoenix, Arizona. Never have been (we’re in Boston). Our name refers to the mythical bird, the Phoenix, which is reborn to soar again. Our clothes and other products are sort of like that. We buy large volumes of out-of-season, overstock and clearance designer merchandise from national retailers and TV shopping channels, then pass the savings to you—on average offering our goods at 60% below retail. And by the way, the pictures of shoes and clothing you see on our site are the actual items that you’ll get in the mail. Nothing photo- shopped here. People seem to like us. We started in 2001 in 700 square feet subleased from a machine shop, and have grown to be one of eBay’s top three women’s clothing sellers. We’re also an eBay top- rated plus seller. Not that we’re bragging. It’s just true. There is something we’re kind of proud of, though: A third of our workforce are people who are housebound, either through physical disabilities or childcare responsibilities, and who would otherwise not be able to have a job. And honestly, we couldn’t function without them. So, that’s us in a nutshell. Phoenix Trading Company, bringing you style and savings at the click of a mouse. Social Media Links: Facebook – Tumblr – Pinterest –   Read more »

Fun Lunches Are A Must – Add Fruitshooters For The Win!

*Today’s post was sponsored by Fruitshoot.  All opinions and lunch ideas are my own. I have this special treat I love to do for my girls. I don’t do it as often as I should, but then it’s not a treat, is it? I like to make bento-style lunches for them. I create sushi rolls out of sandwhiches, or just the meat and cheese.  I add in vegetables and fruits, and the best part?  They are so excited by the fun take on the food, that they happily eat all the healthy food I can pack into the meal…and even better?  They eat more than they would if I just offered them a sandwich. Today we’re heading out on an adventure for our first day of spring break. For my new job (more on that later), we’re heading out to a farm to check out the baby animals.  The girls are so excited, but I’m going to surprise them with their favorite kind of lunches. I’ve got all their favorites in there.  Tomatoes, cheese, carrots, bologna, craisins, strawberry’s, yogurt covered raisins, and hard boiled eggs. I rolled the bologna and cheese into sushi-like rolls, and then made the [amazon_link id=”B00CDPNA70″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]kitten and panda faces[/amazon_link] out of them, too. I went with a “round” theme with the carrots to match the rest of the fruits, and mixed all the fruits, dried and fresh, together for them. All of that is topped off with their (and my) newest favorite drink.  Apple Fruitshooter’s!!  They love the tasty drink, and that they can open them themselves (that whole independent streak they’ve got going) – and I love that handy little note at the top of the label “No Sugar Added”. It’s a fun and easy way for us to all get what we want…and it’s a great way to get a drink into their lunches. So how do you like to fun-up your kids lunches? *~* Like Fruitshoot on Facebook *~* *Today’s post was sponsored by Fruitshoot.  All opinions and lunch ideas are my own.   Read more »

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Some Days You Need A Home Run (Inn)

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of  the Home Run Inn Pizza This past month has been a crazy chaotic sort of month. Foot surgery, insane weather, school closings/delays left and right. Dinnertime has suffered the biggest blow in the midst of all of this. Namely because I’ve been laid up. I did pre-make a bunch of dinners, but once those ran out, Erik was left holding the bag. Oh, who am I kidding, even at full strength, there are days when getting food on the table is more of an accomplishment than status quo. On the days when dinner is a rushed affair, last minute, our favorite go-to meal is freezer pizza. The girls scarf down cheese slices (and face it, anything I can get them to scarf down is awesome). The boys and I totally dig the meaty pizzas. The past few days I’ve been working really hard on finishing & editing my next book, so dinner has been more of an afterthought. So tonight I made Erik stop on the way home at Kroger and pick up a couple of Home Run Inn pizzas. I know, I know–you think “Ew. Cardboard.” Ah, but if you think that you haven’t tried Home Run Inn Pizza. The taste of this pizza is so delicious, I even eat more than I usually do.  I’ve even compared the crust to puff pastry, it’s so flaky. No cardboard here. Best part? My kids eat more dinner (which, in this house, all the kids have weight issues and need to eat more)–and it’s not bad for them. In fact, Home Run Inn pizza is all natural. Real meats and cheeses – no preservatives! So I’m still managing to feed them healthy when time is tight. So far we’ve only had the pepperoni and cheese, but I know Erik’s itching to try the sausage.  I’m sure he’ll have plenty of chances to try. After all, around these parts, quick dinners are needed more often than not. And as far as I’m concerned, Home Run Inn is the only frozen pizza out there anymore. Seriously, doesn’t that look good?  Which one do you want to try? Pepperoni, Sausage, or cheese? *~* *This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Home Run Inn pizza   Read more »