Sunday Snapshots – After The Storm Pt. 1

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NYC (2) We had a heck of a storm system blow through Indiana.  While my house suffered with some flooding in our crawl space, I was able to get out and snap a few good pictures of the aftermath.

A walk in the park and some cleanup around the house found me a few good shots that I’m happy with.

Enough shots that this is going to spread out over a couple of weeks, I think.

Storm drain.

She survived the storm a little worse for wear.

Emptying the crawl.

A Troubled Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Emerging Beauty.


And that’s it for this week!  More to come next week…considering I get my camera back out 😀

Sunday Snapshots – Cell Phone Week

NYC (2)The past two weeks have been absolutely insane between Eagling up for Denver, me working more hours than usual, and odder days than I usually do, and 4th of July.

Long story short–my camera sat on the shelf.

However, the week wasn’t a total wash. My cell phone got some action throughout the week…so it’s not a huge outpouring, but at least I didn’t ignore my pictures all together. 🙂

Week – 6/28/15 – 7/4/15

Me, hours before the Eagle Ceremony with my Mother’s Scout pins.

Some beautiful roses in my favorite color, a gift from my new Eagle Scout.

The first blooms finally erupted on my Rose of Sharon.

This guy popped up on the neighbor’s door frame.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the 4th of July without some of the requisite fireworks photos.

And that’s it for this week!  More to come next week…considering I get my camera back out 😀

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Top Ten Tuesday – Monster High Dolls (We Own)

Copy of Top 10 Favorite BooksHooray for the return of Top Ten Tuesday!  At least I’m saying that…if I’m the only one, don’t tell me 😀  I love lists of all kinds.

This one was especially fun for me because it meant I got to do a little photo shoot with the Monster High Dolls in the house 😀  We own a few (probably close to 40 all three of us combined–the girls & me), but I have a few favorites lying around here, and not all of them are mine.

I struggled with how to do this list, because it’s so hard to pick favorites. I finally decided on the good old alphabetical method – by name, not the line.

1. Avea Trotter – She’s from the Freaky Fusion show. I had to get the daughter of the centaur for many reasons – she’s purple, she’s part horse, and holy cow is she gorgeous.
MH05a MH05b



2. Catrine deMew – from the Gloom & Bloom line. She’s fancy, she’s pretty, and I love the flowering touches in this line, I want the whole thing. 😉
MH09b MH09a

3. Clawdeen – This one’s from the Scaremester Collection. She’s not mine, it’s Kennedy’s, and I’m totally jealous.  Clawdeen with short hair is to die for. She’s got this cute little leather jacket, and I just love her.
MH11b MH11a

4. Clawvenus – Another Freaky Fusion doll, I’m a bit obsessed. Again, unfortunately, this is not mine, I haven’t got a single Clawdeen. I am a big fan of the crazy furry jacket here, and the addition of Venus McFlytrap’s “shaved” sections of hair.
MH10a MH10b

5. Draculaura – Sweet Screams indeed. She was my first purchase for myself. The wrapped pigtails did it for me. Yes, I have issues. shush. She’s pretty.
MH02b MH02a

6. Ghoulia Yelps – Another from the Sweet Screams line. Ghoulia has long been one of my favorite Monster High characters–and she (not this doll, but the character) was the first one bought for Kennedy. I like the Sweet Screams version because it’s super bright and colorful – and her shoes are gummy worms for crying out loud.
MH04b MH04a

7. Jane Boolittle – Another from the gloom and bloom line. I really just liked her fluffy skirt, and her pink highlights.
MH07b MH07a

8. Lagoonafire – Yet another from the Freaky Fusion line. Can you tell that’s one of my favs?  Lagoonafire is, alas, not mine at all though there are two of her in this house. Both Kennedy and Molly own one, but I do not. They bought her for themselves with their own money. I love her crazy color scheme, her flaming tail, and her hair curl. I have my eye on one for myself, yes I do.
MH03b MH03a

9. Rochelle Goyle – Scaris style. Look at the Eiffel Tower.  Plus, pink & grey has always been one of my favorite color combinations. I also totally dig gargoyles, and she does gargoyle in a gorgeous fashion.
MH08a MH08b

10. Vandala Dubloons – She’s a pirate ghost with a pirate ship. Need I say more? (From Haunted)
MH06b MH06a

Honorable Mention!!

Her photo shoot didn’t go as well, because she was the very first Monster High doll brought into the house…before K really thought to take care of them so they’d stay as pretty. We long ago lost her glasses, and her hair is no longer curly and her pictures in the photo shoot, well…they didn’t come out so pretty.

So, I’m using an old photo from the first week we had her originally posted on Instagram.

Ghoulia Yelps – I don’t know why I always liked her, but K got her for Christmas the year I had surgery and every day K brought Ghoulia to me to keep an eye on me (because she was my favorite). And so the O.G. Monster High in this house must be acknowledged.