Nature Hike – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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So I checked as I did this – it’s been two years since I participated in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Hard to believe it’s been that long. Life has been crazy, and my camera has been sorely neglected. I am hoping this is the start of more regular use again. This week the hubby and I went on a nature hike at a local park. 3 of the five shots were from there. Another was on my drive to work, and the last when I re-discovered my cheap lens add-ons and was playing around. All taken w/ Canon Rebel XS. 1. Up Sometimes you must look down to look up. 2.Fruit There was no fruit to be had in the cold weather, but there was plenty of sap to be had as they were hosting a learning activity involving sugaring. 3. Neighborhood On my way out of the neighborhood, the foggy morning and sun shining through it all called for a picture. 4. Smile On our trek we stumbled upon this log that looked like a smiling dragon. 5. Photographer’s Choice As I was playing with my mock-macro lens, I managed a decent shot of my fish, Edgar Allan Poe’s scales. Bonus Shot: I was going to use this for up, but I liked the reflection shot too much…but as I loved this picture of the mourning dove (pigeon, really)…I’m throwing it in as well 🙂   Read more »

ZooBoo – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We went to ZooBoo this week…and I used it for all my pictures. Some might be a stretch, but ya know. 😉 All taken w/ Canon Rebel XS. 1. Dress Up This little guy decided to be the most unique and elusive creature in the universe – a unigazelle. This fancy-pants scoffed and said he was always dressed up. 2.Candy Pink like cotton candy I can’t be sure – but I don’t think he’s looking for candy. 3. Pumpkin YAY! Elephants smashing pumpkins! I really loved the way this pumpkin was decorated 4. Spooky I think…think…these were supposed to be spooky. Where this guy succeeded the way he skulked about and paced. 5. Orange A peek of orange in the upper pumpkin. Explanation not required.  Songography: My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson: Well, it stands to reason that my life would suck without them:       You can find more pictures over at my flickr account. Read more »