Friday Fragments – School’s In Edition

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[flickr id=”7089103379″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”]School’s back in, and we’re on the roller coaster ride of emotions that always accompanies the start of the school year. At first I thought the school year would be great for Molly. Then I spent a night in tears bawling over an email that showed me how little they understood my girl…and then the next day I was able to meet with the teacher and went back to feeling positive again. Who knows where this year will end up. Kennedy has also lucked out in the teacher department.  She’s got one willing to understand and work on her temper issues and communicate them with me. Total bonus. For weeks I’ve been working on edits for my manuscript. This is just my personal ‘clean up’ round – it’s just the start. So much work to be done to get that book out into the world. In between edits I finished another novel.  Now that one needs to be polished up and submitted ’round the world. Having a quiet house during the day is a beautiful thing. Things are cleaned, bills are paid, I am calmer. Erik’s birthday is next Friday.  The old man turns 45. Quite a milestone for such a baby face. Been running again. Each run varies between going really well and me wanting to collapse and die. Here’s hoping I make it to the 5k and through it! I also have a big anniversary coming up. 10 years. Wowsa.   Read more »

Some Much Needed Awesome (Friday Fragments)

[flickr id=”7665949676″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”]I’ve been having a good week…month…year. Whatevs, it’s all good.  Okay, so there’s been ups and downs, but as I said recently I feel like I’ve hit my prime. But for whatever reason my mind can’t wrap around a cohesive lengthy post today so you get the ever-marvelous bullet list of awesome. School starts in less than a week.  Three kids. Gone all day. Makes me salivate at the thought of all that might get accomplished. Erik is doing a lot better. We’ve had a change in diagnosis & treatment plan, and things are looking up. Hopefully soon we’ll dive more into it – when he’s ready. In case you missed it – I’m being published.  I so cannot wait until February to cross that sucker off my 45X45 list. The teen is entering high school. Honestly, not sure if this goes on a list of awesome b/c it sort of freaks me out – but it is happening. He’s in JV Cross Country practices now. We’re going to the State Fair on Monday. I’m actually pretty excited for this. Been a long time since I’ve done this. Erik & I have started walking together every night.  It gives us added exercise & some time for just the two of us. I still have this 5k coming up but with the heat I have lapsed on training. Starting again real soon because time is running out (pardon the unintentional pun) Did I mention school starts soon?  No?  Well, it DOES. Oh, make sure you come by here tomorrow…I’m having a fun, flirty, sexy giveaway you do NOT want to miss.   Read more »

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Friday Fragmented

[flickr id=”6367104721″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”] Another Friday Fragments installment! ****Archie & I went to the library. Face to face with my former co-workers a week after I quit suddenly. My boss was there, tod me she missed me. Made me sad. I really did like that job. ****My turkey? Was PERFECT. I couldn’t have dreamed of cooking it better than I did. ****We got rid of cable again. Explain this to me…while we were PAYING for cable, shelling out $100/mo for it we had NO HD channels – we would have had to shell out MORE money every month in order to get them. We shut down cable and switch to just straight no cost local channel what comes through the line cable…and we have HD channels. It makes NO sense. ****Tonight was the Christmas on the Square event. Girls got their faces painted, we had a bit of fun. It’s officially the Christmas season. ****This week my post went up at Band Back Together. Please hop on over and check it out.  I’m very proud of it. It’s here: The World’s Strongest Man and his Weakling Daughter. ****I haven’t been able to write much this week. The muse is getting into the mode she usually does at the end of the year every year. A mode of non-working for me. Hoping she snaps out of it. I do have more story to tell. That’s it for another week. Time to make some turkey broth. Read more »