Molly the Meek, or is she? – Disney, Universal, Make A Wish

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2014 – Disney, Universal, Make-A-Wish…My dear sweet Molly. Oh, how she loved so much about the parks. The princesses, the speedway (because she can drive!), the ice cream (because, DUH). Just about everything was just AWESOME. There was one thing that held her back. One thing that kept her sitting on the sidelines about 50-75% of the time. She was afraid. Of the rides. Of the roller coasters. Of anything that left the ground in any fashion. Lucky for her, her brother wasn’t too keen on the rides either. They sat out most of the rides. Fast forward one year. 2015. The year started out much like the year before. Molly holding back. Then something changed. Something small. She noticed the Barnstormer. She was afraid, but jealous of us going on all these rides and coming off super excited. And so she took a chance. She rode the ride. And came off exhilarated. She wouldn’t ride one that went upside down, but she went on every roller coaster from that point on. We went on the Barnstormer three times. She even, on the last night, went on Space Mountain. It terrified her, but she ended up loving it. Little by little she went from Molly the Meek to Molly the Daredevil(ish).  It was so much fun watching her emerge from that little ball of fear into eagerness. She admitted after our last roller coaster (Space Mountain), that every ride scared her, but that was half the fun. Molly stepping out of her comfort zone is a huge deal. So thank you, Disney. Universal. For bringing out the daredevil in this one. It’s awesome. You’re awesome.   Read more »

The Rough Summer – Friday Feels

Molly had a stellar year at school this year. Top notch, best on record. Her grades were through the roof awesome, she jumped ahead in math and managed to get an angle on language arts and push forward. Life was pretty good. Then, came the end of that. Fresh off the bus on the last day of school the first thing she said was, “I want to go back to school.” See, Molly doesn’t handle change well at all. She doesn’t handle the loss of a routine well. So despite the leaps and bounds made during the school year, we have had a very difficult summer. Molly is struggling. Not sleeping on several occasions (like, at all). Behavioral issues, despite taking her medicine nearly every day. Anger, silence, uncontrollable laughing. Enough to concern us. And enough to make us look forward to the start of school in a few weeks. I hate seeing her struggle and not knowing what to do for her. I can only hope that the return to a routine and school, where she loves to be, will bring her back into focus. Now if I could just get over the fact that she’s going into middle school….   Read more »

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Autism Awareness Day – It’s Every Day Here

  Today is “Autism Awareness Day.” For some reason as I heard the words in my head this morning I immediately became amused.  I understand that it’s about spreading awareness of autism, but I could only laugh and think But I’m aware of it EVERY day. This is our face of autism.  Those gorgeous ice blue eyes.  The smile that has found its way to her face somehow. The personality that is growing every day. Most would call us blessed, and we agree.  Molly’s form of autism is mild enough that she will likely lead a “normal” life. A job, a family, all that a parent imagines for their child. That doesn’t mean she won’t struggle. That every day one quirk or another won’t rear its head to impede what would normally be an easy step into a careful shuffle of feet. The little reminders that pop up. The way she organizes her M&M’s by colors in a snakelike form before eating. The way she delicately nibbles, trying not to let the grease or crumbs of food touch her lips or outside of her mouth. The way we cannot break our established program or routine without a meltdown. The way her hugs are strong but brief, no lingering touches or snuggles. The way you see her mind processing and learning everything she cannot express verbally. Leaps and bounds of progress have shaped our lives these past few years, a sparkling personality is emerging from behind the walls. A girl that wants to be a model. A girl that’s amazing at math and science. With those she trusts she is bubbling and bright, even bossy…but the meltdowns still linger. We are blessed. All parents are blessed. I hope today your awareness expands, but shouldn’t it every day? Read more »