Early Intervention

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One thing I am is a huge supporter of Early Intervention (EI). With EI your child can get all the help he or she needs NOW, and in many cases, free. If your child has a significant delay in one area, a little help now can mean a LOT for their future. If it weren’t for EI, Molly wouldn’t be making the progress she is now…she probably would not be considered high-functioning at all. K might not be walking without the exercises we’ve learned, and her weekly PT sessions. That being said…one of my biggest pet peeves is people who worry about their child’s development, but then sit back and do nothing. The easiest thing you can EVER do is say to your pediatrician, “Hey…I’m a little concerned, can we call EI and have an evaluation?” The WORST that will happen? EI will say, “He/She needs therapy.” You don’t HAVE to do it, but it’s there and available IN YOUR HOME, or IN THEIR DAYCARE!!!! WOW! The best thing that could happen is the (experienced, mind you) therapists will say, “She/He seems to be developing normally…” So what is the HARM in just checking if you ARE concerned?!?!?! Instead of sitting there fretting…waiting for soothing words from friends and family…Take the step and get an eval!!! It’s painless, your child gets to play while you answer a couple hundred questions…then the therapists play with your kid!! You can always REFUSE therapy if you want!! But at worst, it will be suggested..at best your mind will be put at ease!! So get off your butt and ask your ped if you’re concerned…don’t lament delays if you aren’t going to do a damn thing about it! Read more »