Putting the Cart Before the Horse

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[flickr id=”5888385257″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”]I’m pretty certain that I would not be remiss to say that the beginning of last years school year was a colossal failure. If we sat all involved parties down at the end of the day we would all agree that the road became more rocky than needed. The school didn’t listen to us. Her teacher didn’t listen to us. Molly was unprepared for school starting again, unprepared for the new teacher…all of us were unprepared for all developments. This year we’re putting the cart before the horse. Before last year ended we talked to the principal to make sure we are prepared for the fall. We will know who Molly’s teachers are before the school year starts.  Molly will have a chance to meet her (her homeroom at least, if not all three teachers) before the school year starts. More importantly, we will meet with them before the school year starts. We won’t wait for “Meet the teacher” night.  We won’t be ignored and told “Oh I don’t look at previous years”. This year we will be heard. We will cut the crap off at the past. We will show that we learned from our mistakes – and force the school to learn too. Read more »

Not Satisfied

[flickr id=”5885702438″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”]School started two months ago. After the gains made last year, and the IEP already in place, we started this year with more hope than last year. At meet-the-teacher night Archie and I both started to get uneasy. When we waited after the session to speak to the teacher.  We asked about her behavior, to which she replied that it was still too early in the year to say anything. That she doesn’t really pay heaps of attention to behavior – in her class it’s about learning. That was the first red flag. Then I mentioned the IEP and her teacher last year, and the response was… “Well, I don’t look at the past.  What happened last year is last year. I give the children a clean slate.” Alarm bells sounded, dinging loud in our ears.  The IEP HAS to be looked at. It’s there for a reason!!! Still, we sat back. We gave it a chance. We had our IEP meeting for the new year. We thought everything was established and set in it. Everything was put into place. In black and white. The plan was set. And then it came time for Parent-Teacher conferences. During the meeting first of the year test scores were discussed. How low Riley’s results were and what they meant.  And then it happened.  The teacher said: “It may have had something to do with how she handles tests. But tests are a part of life, we can’t change that and we can’t change how they are given. She just has to learn how to adjust.” Both Archie & I were stunned into almost total silence. We wrapped up the meeting and got in the car and both said, “What the hell was THAT?” We have an IEP that states tests are to be given in accordance with her needs. Tests CAN and WILL be changed. We have decided to switch teachers. There are more reasons than just those two statements, but those alone are enough. A teacher that doesn’t refer to or care about IEP’s are not what is needed. At all. Read more »

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