More Accomplishments…

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Yesterday I promised updates of another Molly accomplishment, and here it is… Wednesday I took the girls into the bedroom where DH was watching a movie. They were playing on the bed, climbing all over him and me…just have a grand old time. While playing, I often play ‘word games’ with the girls, trying to get them to repeat the sounds. K is always game, copying to the best of her abilities. So somehow that night we ended up saying “Up, Down.” I think K had said ‘happy’, and it sounded similar to up/down, so I went with it. Anyway, I start saying “Up, Down. Up, Down.” K is copying it…and suddenly I take note of Molly. She’s standing up, and sitting down. Standing up, sitting down. She KNOWS what Up/Down means!!! Thinking it was a fluke, we moved on…and then started again…and she started doing it again! Up, down, up down…Then she started jumping to get us to say it faster!!! We always suspected (pretty much knew) there was more knowledge in her head than she could express…to see it evidenced in action is HUGE!!! Big day!! We’re very happy 😀 Read more »

Night and Day

My girls are like night and day with their disabilities. K’s weaknesses are M’s strengths, and vice versa. So, despite the fact that 9 years ago I had a son that developed “normally”…it always surprises me when one of the girls does something developmentally sound. Yesterday was one of those days. I was sitting on the couch while the girls played when K struggled her way up onto the couch, crawled up to me and pointed to my pajamas. “Kitty-cat.” I blinked and looked down in surprise, had she just said kitty-cat? So I repeated it and said, “Yes, that’s a kitty cat.” (they were all over my shirt). A few seconds later it was repeated, “Kitty-cat.” Yup, out of nowhere and with no previous prompting from me, she said kitty cat!! I think she learned the word from her speech therapist, who has a puzzle with a cat in it. But to translate it from the puzzle (with a blue cat) to my shirt just amazed me!! In other news both girl are walking around saying “NO WAY!!” It’s the most adorable thing right now…because they aren’t using it appropriately *lol* Give it time. Read more »

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