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This morning is our appointment with a lawyer about SSI. Yesterday, through the pain, I gathered up a list of all of the girls specialists and therapists and put them in a spread sheet (Yes, Jess…a SPREAD SHEET). I got together my SSI folder, and every possible thing they could need that my poor little brain could think of. Now I hope I got everything…and I hope that they really don’t mind me bringing the two monsters…and lastly hope that the nasty hump of my shoulder and K’s shiner don’t make us too unseemly 😛 I will be posting later about the meeting and K’s shiner (with pictures!!) Read more »

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SSI update

Well, we got the second denial today. The one for Molly (as we were expecting it to be). This time, though…all I could do was laugh. They claimed that the medical evidence supported a good rate of growth currently (not a total lie, I suppose)…but then it said that there wasn’t any problem with her communication and that she was 100% intelligible!!! WTF? I don’t know HOW they got that, since she said NOTHING during the Speech Evaluation…and I certainly never said anything like that in response to the questions she asked me!! I have called a lawyer and have an appointment on the 29th to find out if either case is viable and if they’ll take me on. Keep the fingers crossed! On another bad note. K had her nutritionist appointment today. She has lost ANOTHER 7 oz (after losing 8oz last appt). That’s one pound in two months. She can’t eat anymore except liquids and baby food…the poor child is starving. I don’t know what they’re going to do. On that note…in the good realm, the feeding study has been moved UP to Monday thanks to a fluke w/ scheduling!! So, Monday we have our feeding study…hopefully they can tell us SOMETHING!! Read more »

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Not disabled enough…

We got one of the two SSI decisions in today’s mail. The government has decided that my daughter is disabled…but not enough to receive assistance. She sees 5 specialists, can’t eat properly, and receives regular speech, physical, and occcupational therapy…but she isn’t disabled enough for us to get assistance for her. I was blown away. I am also broken hearted. I swore that if they turned her down, I would fight it, appeal it…but we can’t afford to wait. It took them five months to come to THIS conclusion. We have gone through every last penny of savings…we do not have the money to go through a lengthy appeals process. They won. I feel completely defeated. I have to go get a job…so that we can pay our bills. I expect Molly’s decision any day now…and my optimism is gone. The eternal optimist is no longer. I never thought I would feel this defeated this early on. Read more »