Is it Potty Time?

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We started at 18 months, but potty training was a useless endeavor then and fell to the wayside. We started again at 2 years, very little success. Then, about four months ago we started having potty time freakouts. Molly didn’t want to go anywhere near the potty! She’d cry and scream.

Over the past few weeks she’s been ‘hiding’ when she goes. Going behind the arm of the couch, in the corner, looking mildly destressed. There are times when I ask if she’s going potty…and she ignores me, or vehemently shakes her head no (I don’t push her)..but then there are times that she nods her head emphatically and says, “Yeah! Yuck!!” (Yes, we are fond of the word ‘yuck’ in my house).

Today, I changed her dry diaper and said, “You want to go potty?” She actually nodded yes (wow!) – and we went. She sat on the potty for five minutes…nodding yes when I asked if she wanted me to leave the room. Now, she didn’t go…but she at least tried w/o a freakout!! Yay!!


I have other big news of another Molly accomplishment…but that will either come tonight, or I’ll save it for tomorrow (have to spread these things out…month is only half over, ya know).

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  1. Purple says:

    Yay for trying! I ought to step up the trying with Sterling…

  2. Sadie says:

    You know, they do say to let the child lead…but I’m getting REALLY tired of changing diapers!!

  3. Newrose says:

    *nods* Yeah let the child led…that’s what I was told over and over again. Doing that…Patrick too FOREVER!!! It’s a good sign she’s didn’t freak out though

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