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In case you couldn’t tell (from my posts on all 3 blogs), I was pretty miserable and peeved off yesterday. Among other things it was time to change my estrogen patch…and it’s my last week (yup, Jess…that time)…and I was just in a cruddy mood . I thought my cold was going away, but I’m still running. I shouldn’t be surprised by that, Molly is still running, too. Onto kiddo stuffs…


K is about to drive us completely batty! She had a sleep study done way back in April, and was found to have “minor” sleep apnea. They told DH that her disturbances were about once an hour and not enough to mean much.

The child doesn’t sleep. She acts tired ALL the time, but I put her down for a nap and she sleeps for, at most, 45 minutes. Heaven forbid I change the laundry during nap time (in our teeny house, the laundry is right outside the bedrooms), she wakes up immediately and starts shrieking, whether her sister is done napping or not!

At night we have a little better luck. She stays up playing forever (so does her sis) before finally falling asleep, but then she wakes up. It could be 11PM, it could be 1AM, or even 3AM…but she gets up…and shakes.her.bed. Now, admittedly, she’s still in a pack and play…but in our defense we thought Molly could be managably put into a big girl bed at 18 mos (Denver was!)…but then we realized that would never happen…so K is still in a toddler bed.

Soooo…K shakes her crib. And shakes. And shakes. And with every rock of the bed comes a THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. THUMPTHUMPTHUMP.

We’re losing our heads…she’s NOT sleeping! I’m going to bring it up to the pulmonologist…but I don’t know what to do! Well, besides getting her out of the pack and play…but that also involves the monstrous task of getting her sis into a big girl bed!!!

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