Resolve This…

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[flickr id=”6637796263″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”]I suck at Resolutions. New Years I try to ignore. It’s just another day – another year.  Life doesn’t change just because I have to change the date I write on my checks (yes, I still do write checks – about 3/mo).

Plus if something is a “resolution” I’m almost guaranteed to crap out on it.  I have a problem with ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. It’s a long standing problem that I don’t see getting resolved (Pardon the pun).

So when I saw over at The Band that instead of making unattainable resolutions, they were bringing it with the statement “I will…” and naming attainable goals through ideas, thoughts, and attitudes; I was ready to participate in that.

This is what I WILL do…

I WILL respect myself. Always my own worst critic, I forget this key point too often.

I WILL practice patience.  Instead of getting annoyed at every little interruption I will stop, breathe, and actually listen.

I WILL stop carrying the world on my shoulders. In this past year I’ve become surly and grumpy, and I blame myself for carrying everything on my shoulders. It’s not on purpose, and Archie tries to get me to stop stressing – but my brain doesn’t work like that. It has to dissect every problem right then and there.

I WILL remember how to find the silver lining again.  Tied to the previous statement, it seems like in the past few months my capability to find that silver lining has waned.

I WILL take better care of myself. This goes beyond a weight loss, getting fit, dieting type of deal. No. This is about taking better care of me – head to toe & brain to body.  It’s not a goal weight, it’s a goal state of mind. Being a SAHM is wonderful, I love it – but I let myself go. The size of pants I have to buy now makes me cry & I hate pictures of myself because I don’t like what I’ve become. Slothful, and careless, eating nothing but crap, crap, and more crap. I’m better than that.

I WILL get out more.  Going to see the Geek Girls, taking the kids to the zoo (hello membership) or just OUT in the warmer months. Everywhere I go I will take my camera, and I will enjoy what life Indiana has to offer (it does have something to offer, right?)

I WILL be disciplined in my efforts. I don’t need a minute by minute schedule – but I need some organization. For cleaning the house, for working on my writing, for just spending time with my family. Chaos hasn’t worked well in previous years. This year I need to try being organized for a change.

I WILL be brave & daring. I will step outside my comfort zone.  Try something new, leave behind things that hold me back.  This applies to writing, photography, and just life. Having social anxieties, this won’t be so easy…heck going to the gym on a regular basis is daring for me…and I’m doing that. I can do more.


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2 Responses to “Resolve This…”

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  1. mary terrani says:

    You will come visit me this year

    Oh wait that was my outside voice *Giggle*

    Sorry couldn’t resist

  2. Tara R. says:

    Awesome list! Hope 2012 is just as awesome for you.
    Tara R. recently posted..Leftovers