SSI Challenges

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With the experience I’m currently undergoing I wanted to give some free advice to those considering applying for SSI.

If you have one than more child to apply for…do them one at a time. Applying for two children at the same time (even if their conditions are totally separate) for some reason they get run…TOGETHER…which takes TWICE AS LONG.

I applied for SSI on my girls May 7th. In 90% of cases people hear a yes or no within about 90 days, 120 at the longest. It has now been over 4 months and our cases are STILL PENDING. We are on our last penny with me having been out of work taking care of them, and in danger of losing utitilities and/or our house…and SSI is taking their sweet time. They have sent the girls for every test possible, contacted our doctors and therapists insane amounts of times and still no decision has been made.

Last week we went for the “final” (we hope) evaluation, a speech evaluation, on the 120th day of our application period…at which point the Speech Therapist informed me she had ‘two weeks’ before she had to have her report in. TWO WEEKS! I’m wondering how to feed my kids…and she’s going to take her dear sweet time grading my daughter’s evaluations.

I should have done the one I KNEW could get coverage and waited on the elder. I am pulling my hair out.

So, yes…do them one at a time, or wait a month in between…you’ll wait LESS time that way…I guarantee it.

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