Air Frying is the Compromise We All Love

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*This post is sponsored by Phoenix Trading Company. I was given an air fryer in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.* In the world of home appliances, I have both too many, and too few. Recently I got a new kitchen appliance that has brought about some good. See, we have had a bit of a problem in our marriage since day 1. I LOVE fried food. Erik hates it. So some of my favorite meals, he only picks at. He doesn’t like the grease, slime, general heaviness of fried anything. When I was approached to try out this Air Fryer, I jumped at the chance. What better compromise could this nearly-14 years married couple make than air frying? No greasy food, just pure taste. At least, that was the hope. Hubs wasn’t so sure once he heard about it, and saw the thing.  But, I persisted. I made the one meal I love to make often, and hubs has always liked the taste of, but not the frying. Breaded lemon chicken (just call me Debra Barone). I did everything the same as I always did, but instead of fighting dropping it in a pan, I set it in a basket, spritzed it with some olive oil spray and slid it into the cooker. Ten minutes later, they were done. Bonus points I didn’t even think of? I didn’t have to worry about the chicken being cooked through in the middle. Normally in oil I either get the breading burned, and the inside isn’t cooked…or vice versa. In the air fryer every single piece was perfection, from the thickest to the thinnest. Oil burns be gone!  See, I have a bad habit of getting burned by everything I cook in oil or in its own grease (hello bacon, my delicious nemesis). Holy cow is it nice to be able to not worry about that. My hands, arms, and even my face are free from grease splatter. If I was just cooking for one or two of us, I could have slipped our whole meal in one basket as their cooking time was the same. However, there were four of us, so I had to spread it out. Still, for a quick lunch, I’m all over this. It’s a smaller kitchen appliance that can either sit on your counter, or slip into a cabinet should you have a tiny kitchen with no counter space like me. 😉 Did I mention the no oil thing? A little spritz of olive oil instead of sitting in pools of oil will help keep me out of that plus size clothing 😉 My husband eats the food. Scarfed it down, actually. So we had a delicious meal. Perfectly cooked chicken, potatoes and cauliflower. A meal that everyone ate up, and turned out to be easy as pie. Oooh, pie. That’s something I should make next. Little mini pies in no time flat. You in with me?  I can help you with that super easy. Because I’m sharing a giveaway for a Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Air Fryer w/ Filter & Accessories !!!   Seriously, you want in. Soon as I get that pie recipe done, I’ll share it with you. I’m on it tonight.   Entry-Form   About Phoenix Trading Company (PTC): First, we’re not in Phoenix, Arizona. Never have been (we’re in Boston). Our name refers to the mythical bird, the Phoenix, which is reborn to soar again. Our clothes and other products are sort of like that. We buy large volumes of out-of-season, overstock and clearance designer merchandise from national retailers and TV shopping channels, then pass the savings to you—on average offering our goods at 60% below retail. And by the way, the pictures of shoes and clothing you see on our site are the actual items that you’ll get in the mail. Nothing photo- shopped here. People seem to like us. We started in 2001 in 700 square feet subleased from a machine shop, and have grown to be one of eBay’s top three women’s clothing sellers. We’re also an eBay top- rated plus seller. Not that we’re bragging. It’s just true. There is something we’re kind of proud of, though: A third of our workforce are people who are housebound, either through physical disabilities or childcare responsibilities, and who would otherwise not be able to have a job. And honestly, we couldn’t function without them. So, that’s us in a nutshell. Phoenix Trading Company, bringing you style and savings at the click of a mouse. Social Media Links: Facebook – Tumblr – Pinterest –   Read more »

Get In Some Giveaways!!

I’ve been on a giveaway-entering spree lately. They pop up in author newsletters all over the place. So I thought I’d share the love and give you all some links to enter these yourself. They cover the gamut from books to Kindle’s to an Amazon Echo!  So pop on in and enter a few. Kindle Paperwhite – via Author Andrea Pearson – ends June 19 Kindle Fire – via Helen Smith Books – ends June 22 $100 Amazon Gift Card or Kindle Fire – via Free Kindle Giveaway – ends June 26 Grand Prize of $2000 Amazon Gift Card (& various other prizes) – via Becca Hamilton Books – ends June 30 100 Paranormal Romance books – via Becca Hamilton Books – ends July 6 2 Years Free Kindle Unlimited – via Becca Hamilton Books – ends July 13 $1000 Amazon Gift Card & 14 books – via Becca Hamilton Books – ends July 31 That’s what I have for now. I’ll keep try to keep up with this regularly. Read more »

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Having a Disney Vacation Planner is…Free?! FREE!!

A big thank you to Jenn Naas for visiting today to discuss what she does as a Disney Vacation Planner!  I haven’t had the pleasure of using her services yet, but I’ve certainly peppered her with questions since our introduction! Our most recent trips to Disney have made us addicts, so we’re already dreaming and planning. There is a giveaway at the bottom of the post so stay tuned!  My family LOVES Disney World. I’m not sure if I used that word strong enough so let me bold it- LOVES Disney World!! About eight years ago my husband had a work trip in Orlando so we decided that I would join him, we’d bring our (then) two kids along and try out Disney. Our love affair began then and has been in fast forward ever since. There is this wonderful thing that happens when you take a Disney vacation with your kids, you cry tears of happiness seeing Disney through their eyes (it’s ok to admit it- we all do it). You leave all the cares of the real world behind while being transplanted into this magical, happy place you never want to leave. I am not kidding- If you don’t believe me, ask around, you’ll see.   Many families love Disney vacations, yet with increasing costs, new technology, and the limitless amount of information available on the internet, planning a magical family vacation can be a bit overwhelming.   First time guests and seasoned Disney-goers can both benefit from the advice of a Disney expert.  This is where a certified Disney Planner comes in!  I love nothing more than creating perfect, magical vacations for families and adding my own pixie dust along the way. Best of all… my services are FREE! Yes, you read that right, my services cost you zip a dee do dah zilch!   Too good to be true? Not in this case! Disney pays planners like me so you don’t have to! I then get to work with you to find the best dates, resorts, and packages for your family within your budget. I take time to build an itinerary to include dinner with princesses or pirates, fastpasses to meet Anna and Elsa or for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine train coaster, and so much more.  All of this is included in the packages and no surprises. And it’s not only Disney parks. Disney Cruise Line takes you to magical locations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Hawaii and even the Mediterranean.  Disney service at sea… it doesn’t get much better. By now, you may be wondering about some of the benefits of using a Disney Planner. Let’s start with all the time-consuming, stressful parts.  Like waking up at 6:00am to snag the perfect reservation at Cinderella’s castle for your little princess. Constantly worrying if there is a better deal available. You leave those things to me so you only have to worry about how many sets of Mickey ears you need to budget for. The questions are endless and I’m here to answer each and every one and I’m excited to work for you to ensure you have the most magical vacation. When you call Disney directly to book your vacation, you will begin chatting with a wonderful Disney Cast member trained to book your trip and move on to the next phone call. Sometimes you won’t even speak with a Disney employee at all but rather a 3rd party costumer service rep. While these employees are wonderful people, they can’t give advice or opinions. I am lucky enough to be the personal side of Disney that can and will give opinions. Not to mention you will work with me the entire way not some new person each time you call. I get to know you on a personal level and can easily adjust your trip to best fit your needs. For those seasoned Disney families that feel they don’t need any help- a good planner will allow you all the control you want, but take over the parts you don’t AND sprinkle a little extra pixie dust as a thank you for working with us! As a special bonus for cruisers, many planners are able to offer you onboard credits that you can spend while on the ship on just about anything! This is one big bonus you are unable to receive when booking yourself! Don’t forget Disney is ALWAYS changing and having someone on your side to let you know all the new and updated happenings is always a bonus! Extensive knowledge of different Disney resorts, the theme parks, pricing trends, and crowd patterns makes Disney planners’ knowledge invaluable to our clients.  This comes from experience, frequent trips to the Theme Parks and on Disney Cruises, and love for the product. My favorite part of this job is getting to know each client and what will make their trip special. I want my clients to leave for their vacation knowing that they got the best price possible and feeling prepared for their experiences – whether they are at land or at sea. If you have even been thinking about Disney – contact a planner. I promise you will say it’s one of the best decisions you made when planning your Disney trip! Mention you saw this post to get a special gift upon travel with a minimum of a three-night vacation package to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Aulani, or Adventures by Disney vacation. Who wants a giveaway?!?! Jenn has been so great to not only tell us about what she does, but has provided a fun giveaway of some pretty awesome Disney stuff. Leave a comment below about your Disney dreams to win this amazing prize package! Who doesn’t want Mickey ears, an autograph book and a Disney picture frame?  Shoot, if I could, I’d enter for the frame alone! It’s awesome! Leave a comment below about your Disney dreams to win this amazing prize package! *Disclaimer:  Giveaway is open until 12noon Wednesday, March 16th, 2016.   Read more »