A Dream: Realized – Disney, Make-A-Wish, Universal

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To have heard Denver tell it way back in 2014, Kennedy made a “stupid” wish. How could he, a 16 year old, ever expect to have fun at Disney World? This picture he almost appears to be smiling, but he wasn’t. 1, because he hates pictures, and 2, because we were at Disney. Can I tell you how much magic Disney World holds? It holds enough to take a teen so dead-set against going to Disney, and in three little days turning him into a die-hard Disney fan. It turned him so quickly and completely that he wanted to change his wish, but didn’t think he could. We were all slightly giddy when his original wish fell through and we were able to return – because of course the teen picked Disney for his second wish. From that point on, all Denver has wanted is to move to Florida and work for the mouse. A week ago today, his dream came true. Denver is moving to Florida. He’ll be working for Disney – and you’ll be able to find him at Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. From a Make-A-Wish kid…into a Disney Cast Member. Living proof that dreams can come true. (And let’s not talk about the fact that the next day as he was on the phone with Disney, Give Kids the World Village also called to request an interview for a job there, as well) I’m so excited for him, it’s easy to hold off the tears (mostly). He is the inspiration to all of us in this house that we can achieve our dreams. I can’t wait to follow the kid to the land of sunshine and magic. For now, I’ll rest happy knowing one of us made it out of the land of winter. And look forward to visiting him as often as humanly possible.   Read more »

Give Kids the World Village – Disney, Universal & Make a Wish

When you go to Disney World with Make-A-Wish you get to stay at the Give Kids the World Village. The Village is a magical place where you are made to feel as if you are at home…vacation style. From the food, the pools, the games, the parties, and the visits from Disney & Universal characters–there’s plenty to do if you’re too tired for a park visit that day. When you first arrive in the village, you immediately have no doubts this place was created for the kids and the kids alone. All the buildings are bright, colorful, and creatively designed. You aren’t welcomed in, you’re welcomed home. After a brief intro into the amenities you’re led to your own villa. Where you can settle in and get comfortable. And boy did we. On our first night we took full advantage of the large pool and splash pad. There’s a second, smaller and quieter pool down the road if you’re looking for just a little less noise. The kids favorite part of every day was breakfast at the Gingerbread house. I mean, who wouldn’t love a meal eaten on a table of peppermint candies? (No, really, look!! <—-) They had everything from eggs, to pancakes, to donuts and Belgian waffles. Even if what you wanted wasn’t on the menu, all you had to do was ask and they’d scare it up for you. The teen was all set to sign up for bacon at every single meal. Of course, another part that was super fun for everyone with a sweet tooth (so, everyone) was the ice cream shop–which is open for business all day long (and free, like all the food on site!). I mean, at GKTW you can have ice cream for breakfast! And yes, we might have done that on our last morning there. Our villa was amazing in itself. Somehow GKTW gave Kennedy her dream home. Her favorite colors are purple and orange…and so was our villa! Once again designed for the kids, the bathroom attached to their bedroom was HUGE. A giant walk-in shower, a Jacuzzi tub, two sinks and plenty of space. Meanwhile Erik and I had a dinky little bathroom we could hardly be in at the same time. Thankfully we got blessed with a huge, comfy king-sized bed, which was so welcoming at the end of every night. Every moment we were at the village felt like home. There was so much to do there, I almost feel guilty we didn’t spend more time there. It just seemed like in our week there, there was so much to see and do, we couldn’t possibly squeeze it all in. There are so many more magical things about the village, but I know they like to keep some things to surprise those coming home for a while. But, I will say that like everything on our trip, the Village itself was pure magic.   Read more »

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