Sunday Snapshots

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As I miss the days of the Weekly Winners once hosted by Lotus, I wanted to start showing pictures again. Mostly because in the past few years as I became more involved in writing, my camera became a bit neglected. In hopes of reinvigorating my photography life again, as I’ve always loved taking pictures, and miss it. I started by giving myself themes to follow, but have since decided to just go into it with my whole heart and show the best of the weeks shots and some of what happened in the week I’m showing. Week – 6/21/15-6/28/15 A tiny inchworm we discovered outside. Tiny tiny tiny. The Husband Denver’s friend & mentor (& our neighbor), Marc, giving a touching speech at Denver’s Eagle Ceremony. The Kennedy My most interesting event this week – meeting the fascinating Mr Chen Guan Ming, the man riding a rickshaw around the world. I did a full on photo shoot with my daughters’ and my Monster High Dolls. I LOVE these things, I admit it. My husband thinks it’s weird as hell that I love them like I do. I think they’re beautiful. These are just a few of my favorite pictures from the session. Sweet Screams Ghoulia Yelps Avea Trotter Gloom and Bloom Catrine de Mew Scaremester Clawdeen Wolf And that’s it for this week!  More to come next week…considering I get my camera back out 😀 Read more »