Medical Rebellion – Not a Good Plan…

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Teenagers are expected to rebel. When they don’t you worry.  I wasn’t huge on rebellion, but I found my own way to rebel – by ignoring my scholastic capabilities. I never expected to be faced with a whole different sort of rebellion in my kids. Medical rebellion. It’s a dangerous game. The “I feel fine, so I don’t need to maintain” game. Now we have the new, added complexity of a compression vest. Something the teen does not want to do. Already he doesn’t do the things he doesn’t mind, and that only take a few minutes. Maintaining seems like such a hassle when you’re fine. Especially to a teenager. Even a teenager that dreams of being a doctor. Of all the things in my life that cause me stress and worry. Medical rebellion resides at the top of the list. Couldn’t he just give himself a mohawk and wear black and be all emo? That I could handle. I lived through that as a teen w/ best friends that weren’t…preppy…at all. I could handle emo. This medical rebellion crap? It sucks. Read more »