Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt – Witch Way

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tt-moonWelcome back to Tuesday Tales!  This weeks prompt is to be inspired by this picture. As always with word prompts, we were restricted to 300 words. I managed to come in right under count at 297.

This week’s prompt fell into my current WIP for the Holidays in Lake Point series, Witch Way.

Felicity walked along the outside of the circle. With great care she set a candle at the northernmost point, a safe distance from the nearby tall dry grasses of the rest of the small clearing. “Earth.” Above the candle she set a moonstone to represent the element.

She followed the arc to the eastern edge where she placed another candle they’d made themselves. The feathers dancing along the outside of the wax representing their element. “Air.”

“Fire.” To the south she set a red candle that needed no further help for its element. To the west she set another candle, and her aunt arrived out of the woods just in time with the small wooden bowl filled with water from the creek. “And water.”

In the middle of the circle she set the final candle for spirit and sighed. After her date, Patty had insisted on a small ritual to help clear Felicity’s head. Although she knew this was for her, the doubts and fears plaguing her made her know success would be tough. “Can’t I sleep on it first, Patty? I don’t feel clear enough for this.”

“There is a full moon tonight, just look up there. The moon has always been your guide, you know this. How many nights did I find you wandering, trying to chase it through these hills?”

“I know. I’ve always felt that connection. I’m just tired and…”

“I’m glad to see you’re struggling with acceptance here, but you don’t have to do so alone.”

“I’ve learned at your knee, Patty. I’m not focused enough for this to do any good.”

Patty touched her head. “You’re not doing anything. I am doing this one all on my lonesome, you need to be grounded and cleansed. You’re a mess.”

“So I’ve noticed.”


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8 Responses to “Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt – Witch Way”

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  1. Tabitha Shay says:

    Very good dialogue. Great description, not too much, just enough to pull in the reader. Good job!

  2. V.L. Locey says:

    Wonderful excerpt! I loved the detail you gave us about the ceremony.
    V.L. Locey recently posted..Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

  3. I love the ceremonial details! Good emotional concern between the women. I want to know more about them.
    Flossie Benton Rogers recently posted..Tuesday Tales: Lord of Fire 7-15-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

  4. JILLIAN says:

    great snippet this week. I am enjoying learning more about the rituals.
    JILLIAN recently posted..Tuesday Tales – July 15, 2014- Picture Prompt

  5. iris says:

    Nicely done on the details ….
    iris recently posted..Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

  6. Jean says:

    Great excerpt. Love the relationship here and the setting of the scene. You have made me want to know more.

  7. Trisha Faye says:

    Great snippet! I loved it. My Wiccan friends would be proud of you.
    I loved the ceremony interspersed with the dialogue between the two, and the revealing of her turmoil and emotions.

  8. Stefan Ellery says:

    I enjoyed the deatails of the ceremony.