Tuesday Tales – The Door

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The prompt this week is a picture prompt and it was author’s choice.  Soon as I saw this image I knew how to end the first chapter of this story. Hard to believe just a few weeks of Tuesday Tales has brought me almost 3000 words and one full chapter into a story that as yet remains untitled.

Remember, this is a meme with many contributing authors, so make sure to click the link at the bottom of the image to take you to see more!

Anyhow, as always this is un-edited mostly, so forgive any errors. :

Jdyne remained quiet. The thin human veneer he wore sagged into tired lines.  Silver-streaked gray hair quivered in the breeze as he leaned his hand on his knee.

I didn’t know what else to say. My responsibility was clear, but to leave the life I’d formed, the family I’d grown attached to still weighed on me.  “Who will protect them?”

“Hm?” My father shook out of his reverie. “The humans? It won’t get that far, if we handle it well.”

“Alatus will not play by the rules.”

“Very true.”  A screech broke through the hum of wind, the phoenix appearing in a flash, bright red against the purple sky. It glided down to rest on Jdyne’s shoulder. “What are you suggesting?”

“I don’t know that I’m suggesting anything specific.  However, the elders should face that Alatus is likely to involve humans.” When the phoenix bowed to me, I lifted a finger to run it along his forehead.  Licks of flame traveled along the lines of my hand like a caress.

“You will come with me to speak with them.  You are one of the best warriors and the best tactician we have. They will listen to your ideas.”

I pursed my lips and dropped my hand, “What of Darren and the children?”

“They won’t even know you’re gone.”  He turned his now bright silver eyes on me. “Come, child.”

With a sigh, I set my hand on his and walked down the dune toward what had been the center of town. A wave of his arm brought a strong enough wind to sweep away the sand. Behind the dune sat a stone door frame, the door itself wrought like iron, but out of liquid silver. The doors already hung open, revealing the mountains of home.

I nodded and together we stepped through the gates home.



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11 Responses to “Tuesday Tales – The Door”

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  1. Marion says:

    I’m already sucked into the story. I want to see if she can stay with her human family a while longer – because I hope I will get to know them. I’m also looking forward to see the Phoenix world :D.

    Is it possible to skip the days between the Tuesdays and you just go on writing? I guess that’s against the rules :(…


    • Sarah says:

      LOL. She’s not a phoenix 😉 The phoenix is her father’s friend/pet/familiar.

      And it’s not against the rules for me to keep writing in between prompts…but I’m choosing to write the story this way – less pressure for me. LOL.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love how you weaved the picture prompt into the story

  3. Sherry Gloag says:

    A very vivid scene with lots of different emotions threading through it.
    Sherry Gloag recently posted..Tuesdays Tales Picture Prompt 10-03-13

  4. Tricia says:

    I love the scene that you paint in this story. And I am so hooked – I have to check each week to see what happens. I really hope she can stay with Darren somehow…maybe…

  5. V.L. Locey says:

    What imagery! Wonderful work weaving the picture prompt in. Well done!
    V.L. Locey recently posted..Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

  6. Jean says:

    Love the imagery, licks of flames traveling like a caress. And the Phoenix. What will they find through the gates? Nicely done.
    Jean recently posted..Hello world!

  7. Lena Hart says:

    Yes, great use of the picture in the excerpt, Sarah!

  8. Iris says:

    Nice imagery … well done.
    Iris recently posted..Jill Shalvis – Under the Mistletoe

  9. Fiona Druce says:

    I am soo interested to read the rest of this story… I really like the world you’ve woven with the characters.
    Fiona Druce recently posted..Tuesday Tales

  10. Tai says:

    I love what you did with this picture prompt. I do feel for Darren and the Children she has a genuine care for them. I’m wondering how they won’t miss her? I guess I will have to keep reading. Great story.
    Tai recently posted..The Oubliette