When you’re falling off the face of the earth-

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laststepWatch that last step it’s a doozy!

I had no intentions of ending up disappearing for this long.  I have at least a dozen half-baked and sometimes half started posts in my head and on my dashboard waiting to be written.  I have no good explanation except…”oh hai, I have blog?”  Yeah – I could just never hit publish or wrap my head around actually completng a post.

On a good note – real life has been absolutely packed with stuff.  Our October calendar was packed full of activites of which we’ve only done about 1/2…because we also had some illness creep through and things like cruddy weather getting in the way.

Instead of blogging I’ve been driving my wonderful husband Archie nuts with the crafting supplies now absolutely overflowing out of their previously neat and tidy corner.  I’m making presents and decorations for the upcoming Yule/Christmas season! 

I have made several of the decorations. Two adorable little pettiskirts, and overskirts.  I’ve got the materials nearly completed for two twirly skirts for which I’m making my own pattern and hoping to let them both be free and overskirts for the pettiskirts.  I’ve also started other gifts, but I can’t say what they are on this public area 😉

Brandon has been going forward in school like wildfire.  He has been doing his afterschool program and loving it.  His grades are (mostly) holding on great and we went to his first band concert this year!  I actually got to go on a Field Trip with him this year – to the zoo!  It was great finally meeting some other parents in his grade and getting to the zoo. I’m getting ready to go in a few weeks to the formation of the new parents group that’s forming along the lines of a PTO…I’ve been painfully aware over the past few years that I’ve never been involved enough in these things – so I’m trying to be now.

Today I finally got the girls to the new homeschool group.  Riley got stung by a bee, but it didn’t hold her back.  They had a blast and I had a nice time socializing with the moms….and being able to come home and tell Archie about the large group of (successfully) homeschooled kids from the girls age up to 17!  I think I can learn a lot from these women and look forward to going again next week!

I’ve also been really busy doing some behind the scenes stuff online…I have a lot more work to do in that area, but hopefully I won’t forget this place again!!  Or any of you!  I feel like I’ve gone to no blogs at all lately…and it’s time to rectify that right now!!

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  1. Momisodes says:

    It’s great to see you back! Sounds like you all have been busy. So glad to hear. I know this time of year you start your marathon baking too!
    .-= Momisodes´s last blog ..When I finally lift my shirt =-.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks Sandy!!

    Yup, you’re right!! The baking begins after Thanksgiving. I’m gathering my recipes and figuring out how much I’ll need in supplies so that I’m ready to go!! Don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of pictures 😀 And yes, recipes too!!