Harvest Festivals and a Hint of Hollywood Horror

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I’m diving into Songography this week to mix it up with my Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  To help with this week’s entries I had lots to do, I spared you 95% of my Haunted House pictures…but included one since I was desperate for a pink picture. Everything else was from our Harvest Festival and mine & hubbies anniversary. All taken w/ Canon Rebel XS or LG Lucid 2. 1. M is For… Molly, of course. Couldn’t do this prompt without my beautiful girl. It’s also for Moon…loved the moon sitting amongst the sunset-lit clouds. 2.What you Saw Today Pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins at the festival. And a small plane flying low over the festival. 3. Corner Another mantis paid us a visit this week, this time he hung out on the corner of my front stoop, posing for shots. I shot this one “from the hip” and loved the cockeyed angle and the way it caught the corner of the bin of gourds. 4. Pink I loved the pink silks I found on some of the corn in the maize-maze…most of it had turned black, but some were gorgeously pink. And then there was this guy’s creepy pink mouth at The Children’s Museum’s Haunted Hollywood exhibit. 5. Hands Kennedy loved that she could hold the little pumpkins in her hands. After 11 years of marriage we still like to hold hands at dinner.  Songography: Look Out Any Window by Bruce Hornsby: Lyrics that moved me were: There’s a man workin’ in a field See’s the rain and it’s burning He’s saying this can’t be real Oh as he sees the color of the fields turnin This time of year there are any number of farmers working out in the fields around here.  I didn’t have my camera with me when I happened to stumble upon it, but I thought these shots I got at the fall festival captured the essence of it:     You can find more pictures over at my flickr account. Read more »

Hospital Days – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oldest went into the hospital this week, so pretty much all my pictures are from there. All taken w/ Canon Rebel XS. 1. Something You Wore Name blurred out, but we all had to wear these to travel throughout the hospital. and new CDC rules stated even the families of patients in isolation had to wear gowns and gloves in the room. 2. Reflection My favorite water bottle reflected in the window. The reflection of the kids monitoring equipment in the door. 3. Inside Your Fridge Our fridge is full of gifts from good friends who have helped provide for and take care of us all this week. It is also full of medicine. 4. Daily Routine Lung checks daily and often. And many many  monitors and IV’s. 5. Morning First step of our first morning was an IV. And loads of meds and fluids.       You can find more pictures over at my flickr account. Scavenger Hunt Sunday is run by the beautiful Ashley. Head on over to see more Hunters. Read more »

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Town Fair – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Our local town had their fall fest town fair this weekend. It signals the end of the farmers market and the start of fall. That one event provided most of my pictures this week…and due to unforseen circumstances, I’m throwing the pics at you without quotes again. Sorry, hope to get back on the ball next week. Really, really, hope. All taken w/ Canon Rebel XS. 1. Enjoy a Pumpkin Drink I made a special trip to Starbucks just for this prompt. and it was goooooood… 2. Read a Book Books were a $1/bag at the library sale and we all dug in. 3. Bake Something Sweet I’ve been wanting to bake these for weeks, this prompt gave me that push… They taste a lot better than they look. I swear. 4. Animals I almost snatched one of these bugs up, they made me smile. These guys were in a fun booth that I got some unnecessary items at, and all these animals were lying around. 5. Get Artsy A stretch on artsy, but I loved the shot too much not to post it. Milk caps used to be so much more artsy than they are now.       You can find more pictures over at my flickr account. Scavenger Hunt Sunday is run by the beautiful Ashley. Head on over to see more Hunters. Read more »