What I’m Reading Now – January 2017

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Well, it’s a new year. Once again I’ve set a goal of reading 50 books this year. I’m off to a good start, and starting by stretching my usual reading boundaries. So far, so good – so hopefully it remains as such!! Don’t think I’ll have much on my “What I’ve read” list…as until recently I hadn’t read much.  Without further ado…here is the reading list. What I’ve Read How the Ghost Was Won — This was, admittedly, a short book 100 pages. I happened to see it in my Facebook feed one day and was completely captivated by the cover. The blurb, however, did me in. I knew I had to have it. What’s more, I actually read it (a short time later – probably 6 weeks). And read it FAST (and not just because it was 100 pages). I really enjoyed this book.  I didn’t care that I’d sort of guessed the twist early on (Guessed, but didn’t KNOW. Misdirection was entertainingly maintained to keep me guessing). Definitely a keeper…I’m even considering putting out the money for the paperback to keep around. I hope we see more in this world. So.Much.Fun. The Hunger Games Trilogy Months ago I posted about the random act of kindness that had a customer handing over this trilogy, in print, to me at work. I didn’t know when, or if, I’d get to them. Then one day I randomly caught the first movie on TV.  I enjoyed it more than I’d expected, so I picked up the first book. And then the second. And finally, the third. I really enjoyed them more than I expected, considering my usual reaction to extremely popular books/movies is “eh”.  The first two were great and held me captivated.  The third…well, not so much. Reading through some reviews, the things that annoyed me/pissed me off about the last book were not what annoyed/pissed off everyone else, so I’m still out of the norm in some ways. 🙂  (translation: I didn’t give two figs who she ended up with) Anyway, I can finally say I read this trilogy and get it off my list. I’ve read, or attempted to read, three others in the past couple of months. Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore had been on my list for a while. I read it, but didn’t enjoy it so much. The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty was so ridiculously unbelievable, and the characters so cloying I had to stop reading. I suppose the biggest disappointment of the three was Crewel. I bought it ages ago based on cover alone – bought the whole trilogy – but I couldn’t even finish book one. I’ve already sold it, actually.  When you find yourself questioning some key characters straight off – and then really getting pissed off at one you know is going to be a major player (when you’re not supposed to)…you know it’s going to not be enjoyable. So I bid farewell to the pretty covers and moved on, happily, to other reads. What I’m Reading Now Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix Not forgetting that this is a LARGE, VERY large book in the Harry Potter universe, I’m not quite as ashamed to admit that the wee one and I are STILL on this one. There are many reasons why we’re still here, but we are moving our way through slowly…and have passed the halfway point. Hopefully we will finish before the end of January, or February at the latest.   Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The first book that stretches my comfort zone right now. As it’s a screen play, I was nervous to begin, but I find I’m loving it. Thankfully (and of course) I have seen the movie, which helps make the reading of it all the more smooth for me. I can picture it all just as if I were sitting in the theater watching again (which I’d love to do). Very glad hubby surprised me with this for Christmas. 🙂 Freeks This is a netgalley find – one I hadn’t expected to get, actually. I thought the cover looked great and ever since my performance in the musical Side Show, I’ve had a soft spot for freaks. 😉  A short way into it, and definitely intrigued. I have a lot on my plate, but looking forward to finishing it! Big Magic   This one is a huge, giant step outside of my comfort zone. It’s NON-fiction! ~gasp~ And “self-help”. However…everyone I know that’s read it raves about it. Then, when hubby and I went out for an afternoon away from the kids (2 weeks of Christmas vacation gets a bit much sometimes 😉 ) – I found this in Barnes & Noble and started to read. I got so hooked in that I bought it there instead of the zon where it’s cheaper. I didn’t want to wait for it. It really is speaking to me where I’m at right now and I’m breezing through it pretty fast. World War Z (audiobook) Well, speaking of WAY out of my comfort zone…here’s this one. It’s a zombie book – and I’m not a big fan of such things. And…it’s my first ever audiobook. I have to say – if I was going to pop my audiobook cherry, I don’t think I could have picked a better way to do it. I am having so much fun listening to this (while working on puzzles) and hearing some familiar-to-my-geek-ears voices lending themselves to the story. I’m really enjoying that the story is not so much about the zombies themselves as the politics and such that led to the outbreak and it getting out of hand.  I’ve got about 8.5 hours left to go, but find myself really enjoying this. I certainly won’t do an audiobook all the time (and have through trial and error that some narrators really annoy me)…but this is a nice change of pace, and knocks something off of my challenge list. 🙂 What I’m Reading Next Unmentionable I actually totally forgot I had this on my Kindle (thanks to netgalley) until making this list.  As a historical writer, I really want to read this – of course I’ve heard some great things about this and imagine that I will (hopefully) be acquiring this in hard cover some time soon, if I can. Either way, it’s definitely next on my list.   The Girl on the Train I am probably the only person on the planet that hasn’t read this one – but here I am.  I bought this on my birthday trip last year from a little bookshop we happened upon. As one of my challenge items for the year is to read a book from a small, independent, bookstore – this would be the one. It will be stretching me out of my comfort zone again – but so far this year it’s working for me, so I’ll give it a try! Down the Rabbit Hole Another netgalley book I didn’t expect to actually get. It looks terribly interesting, and I always enjoy takes on Alice in Wonderland. It will also knock another item on my list – a take on a fairy tale. I was pretty excited to get my email saying I’d been granted permission to read, and look forward to getting started – once I get through the ones I’m working on now. 🙂 * *~* This year I hope to do better than last – where I barely made it to half of my goal.  I also hope to put a moratorium on buying books, and to read what’s on my shelf, my kindle, and to utilize the library. And that’s where I’m at for now. More books coming in the near-future I’m sure. Here’s hoping I get through them all quick. 😀   Read more »

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Wordy Wednesday – What I’m Reading

  January is the time for resolutions and goals and all that sort of thing. I’m not a big resolution girl, but every year in January I set goals on Goodreads.  Once again, I went for 50 books this year, and I’ve already got a start on it.  So, I’m a little late this month (thanks sickness), but here’s what I read in January (into the first of February), and what I’m currently reading, or plan on reading. (Yes, I read a lot of books at the same time. shush)   What I’ve Read Harry Potter and The Socerer’s Stone – What? Again?  Yup.  I’m still in the middle of reading the entire series aloud w/ my baby girl…but I wanted to sit down and just read them through fast, rather than a chapter a night. She’s decided to do the same too. We’ve also been watching them (again)…we might have a problem. Then again, if a Harry Potter obsession is wrong, I do not want to be right. As always, I enjoyed the first book, even on my fourth read-through. It’s a bit juvenile (I always found the first 2 that way), but it’s clearly geared toward that age and not an adult…but I still love it. I like to get lost in the magical world all over again. It just makes me happy 🙂 * * You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – OMG, I want Felicia Day to be my best friend. We could just sit around and be weird together all day long. If you’ve been around these parts for any length of time, you know that I don’t do NF books…like ever. If I do, I almost always hate them. Not this one, not by a long shot. I have never been a “Gamer Girl”, but I have been a nerd, a geek, and insanely awkward and lacking in social skills. Everything about this book was relatable, and funny. A NF book I was so happy I took a chance on. I’d always enjoyed The Guild, and thought she was fun and quirky on facebook, so I took a gamble to borrow this from the library. Very happy Felicia didn’t disappoint. So lovely. 🙂 * Flunked – Well, it was a fractured fairy tale of sorts…a bit of a new world of classic Fairy Tales.  It was fun, a quick read. Did it rock my world? Eh.  Would I read book 2? Sure!  Will I clear my TBR pile to do it? Probably not. Illuminae – I have a bad habit of reading books that people I know RAVE about and not loving them.  That was the case with this. It wasn’t horrible, I actually sort of enjoyed the storyline.  I think a lot of my disappointment had to do with the format I read it in. Just about everyone says the hard cover is GORGEOUS and that’s what makes this book so astoundingly wonderful.  I read it on Kindle (library borrow. I swore to stop spending so much on books this year). Apparently in Kindle it loses way too much.  Beyond that, the format threw me off. It was all chat transcripts and military files, etc. I suppose in the “beautiful” layout of the hard cover print book it makes more sense. I might borrow it that way once I can just to see what all the fuss is about. * * What I’m Reading   Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets – In my fourth solo read of this one. Actually, almost done really, probably in the next day or two I’ll finish it up.  I like this one, but it’s not my favorite. I like the next as the themes start to get a little darker and more intense.  Still, it’s Harry Potter and I always enjoy the ride. Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix – In my out loud reading with the little, we are at about 1/4 of the way through. Unfortunately, though we’d been off to a great start, things stalled with my laryngitis.  Hopefully once I get my voice back we’ll get rolling again. This one is a LONG one, and I’ve always found it the most depressing (so. much. angst.) But, we’re working on it and we’ll get through. 🙂 Marked – I got this ages and ages ago on netgalley and never read it. Now that I’ve taken a peak inside I have to wonder what’s taken me so long. The world building is stunning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Anna Dressed in Blood – A recommendation from my fabulous editor (who I always listen to).  It’s been on my TBR for a while, but when I saw her review I snatched it up.  Really enjoying it, but am afraid to read it at night so it’s going slooow. lol.  I need to hurry up, though b/c it’s a library borrow and I need to return it! The Last Place on Earth –  This was a Goodreads First Reads win…and it’s actually an ARC, so I’m super excited to read it and hope I manage before the book releases at the end of the month. I’ve just started it and so far it’s okay…but I’m only 15 pages in so I don’t have so much in opinions yet. 🙂 . . What I’m Reading Next   Red Rising – Another Goodreads First Reads win…I’ve been wanting to read it forever, though. I hope it doesn’t go the way of the other hugely popular books that I end up feeling ambivalent about. I’m really excited for it. I actually won this before The Last Place on Earth, but as the other is an ARC, I’m wanting to get it done.  Fingers crossed it’s as good as everyone says it is!! Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Another NF.  I have it on hold at the library.  I’ve been a fan/FB-friend of Jenny for ever and a day, but never read this.  Even though I don’t normally like NF books (see above), I’ve always enjoyed Jenny’s posts.  There is a huge line for this one, so I’m waiting patiently. . *~* And that’s where I’m at for now. More books coming in the near-future I’m sure. Here’s hoping I get through them all quick. 😀 Read more »